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Driver Talent for Network Card

Download & Install Network Drivers without Internet Connection

No Internet, No Drivers?
Driver Talent for Network Card is Your Best Choice!

Version: Size: 228 MB

Supported language: English, German, French, Portuguese(br), Russian, Armenian, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic

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Key Features
Specially designed to solve wired/wireless network driver problems
Install WiFi/wireless/Ethernet/wired drivers without internet connection
Download and install network drivers while installing itself (Offline)
All commonly used network drivers are supported
Well compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista, Windows Server
Include all the features of Driver Talent
See the comparison of the Free version and Pro version
install network drivers
get network drivers

Why Need Driver Talent for Network Card

After a fresh install of Windows, the embarrassing situation is that there is no internet and no drivers. How can you get proper and right drivers at least for your wired or wireless network adapter?

When you have network problems and you have no idea which driver matches your network adapter best?

You need to download and install the network drivers intelligently and automatically,not manually.

You'd like to check for outdated, missing or corrupted drivers (not only network drivers ), backup, restore and uninstall drivers for your computer.

Other more driver-related problems and requirements.

Differences between Driver Talent and Driver Talent for Network Card

Driver Talent for Network Card is the supplement of Driver Talent, which is especially designed for users to download and install network drivers without Internet connection.

As we know, Driver Talent needs available internet connection to scan, download and install drivers. However, your network drivers would be installed when the installation of Driver Talent for Network Card is done. So even when you have no access to the network, Driver Talent for Network Card can run normally. You can download Driver Talent for Network Card on another PC which has Internet connection, transfer it to your computer which has no Internet access and run it. It's recommended to download it on your computer in advance, so that you can use it to install network drivers directly.

Activate to the Pro version on the Free version, or directly go to the Store page to get the Pro version.

Now let's read the differences from the table below:

Key Features Driver Talent
(Pro Version)
Driver Talent
Driver Talent for Network Card (Free)
Driver Talent for Network Card
Driver Talent for Network Card Pro Version
Driver Talent for Network Card
Scan to identify outdated and problematic drivers
Install network drivers without Internet connection
Run without network connection (offline)
All commonly used wired/wireless network drivers integrated
Download drivers online
Install drivers online
Update drivers to the latest versions online
One-click download and update drivers online
Backup drivers for safe restore
Restore network drivers from backup
Restore other drivers from backup
Uninstall/Remove drivers without residual files
Pre-download drivers for any PC online
Reduce system freezes & crashes for better performance
Unlock driver download and update speed limit
Priority to update drivers for game components for better gaming
Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista, and Windows Server
24-hour technical support for free

Kind tip: Driver Talent for Network Card is much bigger than Driver Talent because Network Card version integrated all commonly used network drivers into its driver library. That is why Driver Talent for Network Card is able to install network adapter driver offline (without internet access).

For common usage, like checking for and installing driver updates, backing up, restoring and uninstalling drivers, Driver Talent Pro is enough for you.

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