Order FAQs

Below we have listed the frequently asked questions and answers about pre-sale information, payment methods, and your license. If you can't find your answer here, please feel free to contact us via our support email. We will respond within 24 hours on weekdays.

1. Is it secure to purchase product on your site?

Yes. It's 100% secure for purchasing. Your order will be processed through Digital River MyCommerce which is secured by 256-bit SSL encryption. All your information is kept privately and will not be leaked out. We guarantee the security and your personal data protection.

2. How to determine whether my order is processed successfully?

After a successful purchase, you will receive an order confirmation email which includes your order receipt and licence code and some other information. If you receive the email within one hour, it indicates that the order is successfully processed. Or, contact us for support. We will check the order and send the email to you after confirmation.

3. How long is the valid service time of the licence code?

The license validity is depending on which kind of license code you ordered. If you choose the lifetime licence, then one-off purchase will ensure lifetime service and updates on the machine where the license is licensed. If you choose the license code for a specific time period, then the license lasts for that specific period before the renew.

4. Can I transfer the code to another PC?

We offer 3 kinds of codes in the Driver Talent Pro order page. The code for 1 PC can be associated with only one PC and you cannot transfer it to another PC. However, if you have discarded the old machine and need to use Driver Talent Pro on a new computer, you can contact us for help. Please note that we cannot transfer the code to more than 2 new machines. The code for 3 PCs can be associated with up to 3 PCs. And the code for 5 PCs can be associated with up to 5 PCs.

5. What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card, checks, PayPal, Money Orders and Wire Transfers. You can choose to pay by check or Money Order or Wire Transfer on the payment page.

6. What is the refund policy?

When you purchase products of drivethelife.com, your satisfaction is guaranteed. So if our product can't realize its promise, you can request a refund within 30 days.

However, we don't refund in the following situation:
a. You request a refund for technical issues but neither provided any assistance to our support team, nor provided any detailed description of the problem.
b. The refund reason is "I don't require this software" or so.
c. I use other software and don't need Driver Talent any more.
d. I regret to place the order.
e. The PC already had the up-to-date driver and Driver Talent doesn't update or fix the driver for me.
Thank you for your support and understanding.

7. Why is the Lifetime edition now available at the same price as the 1-year edition? Can I change to the Lifetime eidtion directly, for I have purchased the licence code valid for 1 year with the automatic renewal?

We have had a price adjustment to our software. If you had purchased the licence code valid for 1 year with the automatic renewal on www.drivethelife.com before we released the Lifetime edition, you need to cancel the future subscription by yourself and then contact us to change your 1-year edition code to a lifetime licence code. If you encounter any problem during your cancelling, please send e-mail to contact#drivethelife.com (replace # with @).

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