Driver Talent

Scan, Update & Fix Your Device Drivers

• Faster on Updating Driver, it may save you more time.
• The driver database is updated and larger.
• Safe, stable and reliable updates. ALL drivers certificated by Microsoft’s rigorous WHQL testing process.

Size: 24MB
Support for Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / XP / Vista, and Windows Server

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No Internet, No Drivers!

Faced with the embarassing situation after a fresh install of Windows: no internet and no drivers? Driver Talent for Network Card is your life helper! It is designed to install best-matched network drivers from in-built driver database without network connection.

Key Features of Driver Talent

  • Scan to find all outdated, missing, corrupted, faulty & incompatible drivers.
  • Download and install best-matched drivers for computer hardware and all connected peripheral devices.
  • Update to the latest drivers (several driver versions are available).
  • One-click repair & fix all driver problems.
  • Pre-download and save drivers for your own PC, download and transfer drivers for another PC.
  • One-stop manage: backup, restore, uninstall, reinstall, and more.
  • Support driver downloads and updates for all hardware devices and manufacturers.
  • Keep your computer and devices in top condition.
  • 100% compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista, Windows Server.

Why Choose Driver Talent

Manually finding a correct driver for a computer hardware or a device is not easy. If there is a professional Windows driver download and update utility, that's a boon. And that's why Driver Talent comes.


Driver Talent doesn't create drivers, but helps to find drivers from manufacturers and Microsoft with high-tech. No ads, no pop-ups, no spy, and no virus.


It's always workable to fix all the driver-related issues on computer.


With 10X faster speed to check driver problems, download & install drivers, and update drivers within several seconds or a few minutes.

In top condition

It keeps your computer and devices in top condition. Better PC performance and even better gaming experience.


Millions of users have been using it with good reviews.

Easy to use

Clear UI, simple wizard, and concise interface. Even a 90-year-old grandma can understand and use it.

Find and Repair All Windows Drivers That Have Problems

Driver Talent can quickly scan and find out all the computer drivers that are not working, and then fix & repair them intelligently by providing solutions, such as repair, reboot, backup, reinstall. This is very convenient and saves you a lot of energy & time.

Download, Install, & Update Computer Drivers

This Windows drivers download software can instantly and accurately find the most suitable drivers to match your Windows OS and hardware.

  • Intelligently find the most-matched drivers for hardware.
  • Safely & quickly download and install the latest drivers.
  • Instantly detect any peripheral devices connected to the computer, like a mouse, keyboard, printer, etc.. And then find the well-matched drivers for the devices.
  • Downloading drivers is easy, especially when you have no idea how to find or install drivers for fast and exact driver matches.

All-in-one Windows Driver Manager

Backup drivers
Find out the drivers that need to be backed up and backup them in a very short time. All backed-up files are automatically saved in your computer - this can help you restore the deleted/lost drivers from the backup to avoid driver-related issues.

Restore drivers from backup
You can instantly find backup drivers for computer hardware and other devices, especially when the drivers are damaged or missing. This helps to fix driver issues without Internet connection.

Uninstall drivers
Driver Talent is quite professional to uninstall drivers totally and clearly without residual files, which is very helpful for you to install new drivers successfully.

Pre-download drivers
You can pre-download and save drivers for your own computer before system being changed or restored, or download and transfer drivers for another PC to install. This helps you to get drivers under any circumstances, especially when there is no internet connection on a computer.

Work for All Hardware and Windows OS

Driver Talent has more than 500,000 driver packages, which support 1,000,000 kinds of hardware devices including Motherboard, Audio card, Display card, Network card, USB WLAN card, etc. from all brands.

It is 100% compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Server.

Peak Gaming Experience

You can enjoy top gaming experience. Driver Talent will keep all drivers including graphics drivers and game components drivers up-to-date. It ensures stable hardware performance and fixes errors quickly once they occur when you are playing games.

Driver Talent Free and Pro Comparison

Key FeaturesDriver Talent Free
Driver Talent Pro
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Scan to check all driver problems (find outdated, missing, corrupted, broken, damaged, and incompatible drivers)
Download correct drivers and several driver versions available to download
Install drivers and update to the latest version with one click
Install driver item automaticly
Repair and fix drivers issues quickly
Backup and save drivers to local computer with one-click
Automatically backup drivers and create restore point before installing and uninstalling drivers
Restore network drivers from backup
Restore other drivers (except for network drivers) from backup
Uninstall drivers completely without residual files
Download and install network printer drivers
Repair the driver when the peripheral device is not detected
Pre-download and save drivers for your own PC
Download drivers for other computers
Reduce system freezes & crashes by automatic system error repair
Export computer hardware profile list
Install drivers with downloaded driver files in the Pre-download feature
Online contact and remote technical support
download drivers with high speed

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