Testing drivers
Driver Talent promises that ALL drivers provided are derived directly from your hardware manufacturers, certificated by Microsoft’s rigorous Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) testing process. Furthermore, we employ a strict testing process to ensure they’re safe, stable, robust, up-to-date, and compatible with Windows and all the most popular combinations of hardware and software.
Why our drivers are safe?
Collaborating with multiply hardware manufacturers, we keep our drivers updated to the latest version.
Besides, we only use ‘Certified for Windows’ drivers, which are ensured in authoritativeness and security.
But that’s not all we got - we also perform our own tests to ensure the stability of our drivers, for your best experience.
Driver Talent provides millions of drivers, dedicated to satisfy all kinds of requirements – you can find various versions of drivers, from old ones published years ago to the latest ones, for your graphics cards, sound cards, motherboards and all other components.
We analyze every driver we’ve got, matching each driver with specific kind of hardware and Windows system, to ensure the accuracy of Driver Talent.
In more practical method
Our tests are a lot more practical than Microsoft’s tests. We test drivers manually on all current Windows systems with all the popular hardware combinations, because drivers behave differently on different computers, different versions of Windows, and even in the presence of different software applications. For external device drivers (e.g. for printers, external hard drives, mice, keyboards), we physically install the external device to test the driver.
In more significant environments
On each installation of Windows, we also install a variety of popular software programs before testing the driver (e.g. various versions of Microsoft Office, antivirus products and video players).

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