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How to Fix Slow Internet after Windows 10 Creators Update

Jul. 11, 2017 / Updated by Bessie Shaw to Tips
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Why is my Internet so slow?” This is one of the common issues that users whine about after the Windows 10 Creators Update (v1703). The Creators Update is the third major update of the Windows OS with many new features, also, many problems. Network issues like slow Internet, no WiFi available, unidentified network, etc. are the big headaches on the updated Windows 10 computer. It’s frustrated to fix your eyes on the computer screen where the loading spinner spins for a long time. It seems the web page or the gaming you are waiting for will never finish the loading because of the SLOW INTERNET.


What Slows Down Your Internet on the Laptop or the Desktop

Many factors could make the slow Internet on a Windows 10 Creators Update computer:

Top 4 Ways to Troubleshoot Slow Internet Speed Issue after the Windows 10 Creators Update

If there’s no problem with the network hardware or your local network services, you may need to check the inner working of the Windows to troubleshoot the limiting internet speed problem. The following are top 4 ways you can adopt to fix the slow network issue. You can go through the checks one by one to see if they fix your problem.

Way 1. Fix the Slow Internet Problem in Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell is a command-line based shell for purposes of task automation and configuration management. It is in place of the Command Prompt in the Jump List of the Start menu. You can use a command line in Windows PowerShell to speed up slower internet on the computer.

  1. 1. Use Windows shortcut keys Win + X.

  2. 2. Select Windows PowerShell (Admin).

  3. 3. Type the command line: netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled.

  4. 4. Press the Enter key.


Way 2. Fix the Slow Internet Issue in the Local Group Policy Editor

Improper QoS settings can also result in the slow Internet after the Windows 10 Creators Update. You can go to the Local Group Policy Editor to make some changes.

  1. 1. Use Windows shortcut keys Win + R to launch Run.

  2. 2. Type gpedit.msc into the box.

  3. 3. Hit the Enter key.

  4. 4. On the left side, expand the Computer Configuration.

  5. 5. Click Windows Settings.

  6. 6. On the right side, right-click the Policy-based QoS.

  7. 7. Select Advanced QoS settings.

  8. 8. Choose the Inbound TPC Traffic tab.

  9. 9. Check the Specify the inbound TPC throughput level.

  10. 10. Choose Level 3 (maximum throughput) and click OK.


Now restart the computer and then open a web page on your browser, like Microsoft Edge, IE, FireFox or Google Chrome, to see if the network is speedy enough.

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Way 3. Modify the Network Configuration and Speed up the Internet

If the limiting Internet speed problem still persists after the driver update, you can go and modify the network adapter settings.

  1. 1. Right click the WiFi icon or Ethernet icon on the taskbar.

  2. 2. Select Open Network and Sharing Center.

  3. 3. Click Change adapter settings on the left side.

  4. 4. Right click the currently working network adapter.

  5. 5. Select Properties.

  6. 6. Click the Configure button.

  7. 7. Choose the Advanced tab.

  8. 8. Highlight the properties below if there exists them and then change the value:


Note: If you receive error pop-up, please restart the computer.

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Way 4. Make Sure You’ve Installed Proper Network Card Driver

Outdate, missing or incompatible network card drivers will cause various network issues, including WiFi adapter not working, slow internet, "No Internet, secured", no LAN access, etc. So if you fail to fix the problem with Way 1, you can go and check the network card drivers in Device Manager. Once there are yellow exclamation marks beside the network adapters, you need to repair the driver problem and speed up the Internet.

In this case, you can use a professional driver troubleshooter, Driver Talent, to help resolve the network card driver issues. It can help to download and install the official and WHQL drivers for the computer.

Download Now

Click the button above to have access to it and follow the steps below:

1. Click Scan to detect those problematic network drivers on Windows 10 Creators Update.


2. Click Update to download and install the best-matched drivers. Or click Repair to fix the faulty network driver that slow down the Internet.


3. Perform a restart to make the changes take effects.

Note: Don’t forget to backup drivers before the update or repair. If you have no Internet connection at all, you can use a USB drive to transfer the Driver Talent for Network Card to the PC and fix the problem.

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All of the above are the possible best solutions for the slow Internet issue on the Windows 10 Creators Update computer. If you have any questions or new methods of the slow Internet problem, you can inform us by comment or go to the OSToto official forum for discussion.

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