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Fix: Windows 10 Black Screen after the Creators Update

Aug. 07, 2017 / Updated by Bessie Shaw to Tips
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Some users have experienced the Windows 10 black screen after the Windows 10 Creators Update (v1703), and they regret to be the samples of Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 build. It is frustrated to get stuck on the operating system issues like no WiFi, black screen, no sound or game crashes after the update, because the new OS is so unstable as you can image that you don’t know what kind of the cat is in the bag. If you’ve updated to the Creators Update, and you have the black screen with a spinning circle or a cursor each time you turn on the computer or wake it up from sleep, let’s have a close look at how to fix the display issue.


What Causes the Black Screen on Your Windows 10 Creators Update PC

In this case, many factors can result in the Windows 10 black screen problem, and they can be generally sorted into hardware and software. Issues on the devices and the accessories like the monitor, the display card or the cables may lead to the black screen. Also, it is due to incorrectly system configurations or programs that cause crashes.

Top 5 Ways to Fix Windows 10 Black Screen after the Creators Update

To ensure the proper functioning and optimal performance of the system, in this guide, we'll walk you through top 5 ways to fix the black screen after the update.

Way 1. Check the Hardware that May Trigger the Windows 10 Black Screen

It is necessary to check related hardware when you come across Windows issues because this will help you find out the problems you ignored before and get rid of other useless operations on the OS.

1. Check if the monitor plugs are right in the ports. If there are out-of-contact problems with the cables, please change those working properly.

2. Change to another monitor to see if the black screen issue still persists. If so, maybe you need a new graphics card.

3. Unplug and then re-plug the battery if you’re using a laptop.

4. Clean up the dust on the GPU fans in case overheating damages the machine and causes the Windows 10 black screen.

5. Unplug the USB devices and other periperals and then turn on the computer to see if you can enter the Windows 10 Creators Update desktop without a hitch.


Way 2. Fix the Black Screen under the Safe Mode on Windows 10

If there’s no problem with the display-related hardware, then you can enter the Window 10 Creators Update to fix the black screen issue. Some users reported that the black screen appears when they turn on the computer, but they can still log in the Windows by holding and power button for a while (a mandatory shut-down) and then turn on again. Nevertheless, some users complained that they failed to enter the system.

In this case, you can fix the Windows 10 black screen in the Safe Mode:

1. Hold the power button to shut down and repeat this over 3 times until you see the Recovery screen.

2. Click the buttons See advanced repair options > Troubleshoot >Advanced options >Windows Startup Settings >Restart.

3. Press F4/F5 to Enter Safe Mode (with Networking).

4. Use Windows shortcut keys Win + R to launch Run.

5. Type into msconfig and hit the Enter.

6. Choose Selective startup and uncheck Load startup items.


7. Go to the Services tab and check Hide all Microsoft services.

8. Click the Disable all button.

9. Go to the Startup tab and click Open Task Manager.

10. Disable the startups and reboot.

This is the simple clean boot in the Safe Mode which helps to exclude problematic startups causing the black screen after the Windows 10 Creators Update. If you want to filter the specific startup that results this, you can refer to How to Use Windows 10 Clean Boot to Fix PC Errors for more details.

Way 3. Remove the Software or Programs Installed Recently

If you’ve installed various applications or programs developed by different companies one time before or after the Windows 10 Creators Update, the crashes caused by the address calling of the apps will result in the black screen. So remove those unnecessary or seldom used programs, and then restart the computer to see if the problem still persists.

Note: You need to make this in the Safe Mode if you fail to login Windows 10 because of the black screen in the Normal Mode.

Way 4. Uninstall Uxstyle on Your Windows 10 Creators Update Computer

The UxStyle can also cause the Windows 10 black screen after the update. UxStyle is a patch that allows users to apply third-party themes on the Windows and it can modify system files which may result in system problems after the Windows 10 Creators Update. You can follow the step below to remove Uxstyle from the computer.

1. Use shortcut keys Ctrl + Shift + Esc to launch the Task Manger.

2. Go the Processes tab.

3. End Uxstyle-related items.


4. Use Windows shortcut keys Win + X to launch the Jump List.

5. Select the Apps and Features.

6. Scroll down or do a search to find Uxstyle.

7. Highlight the Uxstyle and click the Uninstall button.


Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the uninstall and then restart the computer. You’ll never get the Windows 10 black screen anymore.

Way 5. Repair Display Drivers and Fix the Windows 10 Black Screen after the Creators Update

Display/graphics card drivers are vital programs that enable the smooth communication between the display hardware and the Windows 10 Creators Update. Once there are broken or incompatible wireless network drivers, you may encounter display problems like black screen, blue screen of death, endless reboot loop, etc.

Check the display adapter in the Device Manager. If there are yellow exclamation marks beside the device names, you may need to use Driver Talent, a professional driver issues troubleshooter, to repair the display/graphic drivers and fix the Windows 10 black screen issue.

Download Now

You can get Driver Talent via the button above and follow the steps below to fix the problem:

1. Click Scan to detect those faulty graphics drivers.


2. Click Repair or Update to download and install the WHQL display drivers.


3. Restart the PC to make the driver changes take effects.

Note: In case other system issues occur, it is better to backup drivers before any changes on the computer.

After the driver repair, you can now enjoy yourself with the new features of the Windows 10 Creators Update on the high-performance computer without the black screen.

That's it. Hope that after performing these solutions, you won’t get stuck on the Windows 10 black screen anymore. You can go to the left menu on this page, or comment below this post, or go to our forum if you have any questions on the black screen after the Windows 10 Creation Update.

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