Why update your driver?

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Have you ever met the problem of computer black screen? or no functioning of the keyboard and the computer mouse? Or any other hardware devices not working? These may be caused by the drivers on your computer.

What are drivers?

Computer drivers, known as device drivers, are like "system intermediaries", which are used to help the Windows operating system to recognize and understand the devices. Drivers decide not only whether your computer hardware will work properly or not, but also how well they will perform.

What happens if a device doesn't have a driver?

Without a compatible driver, the device will not be able to achieve optimal performance or even stop working.

What happens if drivers are outdated?

Some applications and games may not be able to run properly when the driver is outdated since the publishers usually update the apps and games continuously for better performance or new features by rolling out new releases that require a newly updated driver to support.

Why update your driver?

For desktops:

A desktop has a lot of extra customization devices, such as external graphics devices, external WIFI devices, keyboard devices, and so on. These devices all rely on a correct driver to function.

For laptops:

Brand laptops like Dell often release new drivers to fix bugs or optimize for specific models of devices.

Branded laptops are also optimized for some of the newest games on the market, so there is a great need to update the driver. By using Driver Talent, you can easily keep your driver up-to-date.

What problems can Driver Talent fix?

The following are the problems that Driver Talent can help to fix:

✓Fix blue screen of death error.

✓Fix graphics issues including screen freezing & flashing issues.

✓Fix the computer mouse not working.

✓Fix the keyboard not working.

✓Fix laptop touch-pad not working.

✓Fix no audio detected or audio issues.

✓Fix USB driver issue.

✓Fix network access issues including wired & wireless connections.

✓Fix display driver issues.

✓Fix frequent game crashing or freezing issues.

✓Speed up browsing, streaming & downloading.

✓Clean up your C Driver & free up more memory space.

Download and install Driver Talent on your PC.

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For game players: Maximum gaming performance

The performance of the graphics card has a direct impact on the gaming experience and the performance of some professional software. With the launch of many new games, graphics card drivers based on the same chip are always being optimized for new games, so the graphics card drivers are relatively more important and sensitive.

How Driver Talent updates your driver automatically?

With just a few simple clicks, Driver Talent can automatically finish the job of scanning and downloading the driver needed on your computer, as well as full device driver backup. You can easily find driver updates for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Driver Update

Convenient, fast and intelligent hardware identification, fully automatic detection of computer hardware and automatic matching of official drivers. Driver Talent's goal is to detect and identify all hardware and automatically download and install the most stable, newest and highest performance drivers for your computer.

Driver Backup

Click "Backup drivers" to enter the driver backup interface, and check the devices you want to backup you just need to click the mouse to confirm and it will be done easily. Then you no longer need to worry about driver failures.

Driver Restore

You can complete the driver restore with one click. Driver Talent enables you to quickly recover the drivers you need.

Driver Uninstall

Click the "uninstall drivers" button to enter the driver uninstall interface, check the device driver you want to uninstall, click the "Start Uninstall" button, and Driver Talent can quickly clear the invalid or residual drivers that may slow down the system to keep the hardware in the best working condition at all times.

What computer brands does Driver Talent support:

Driver Talent supports 95% of computer brands' drivers in the world, including Intel, NVIDIA/3DFX, AMD/ATI, VIA/S3, REALTEK, C-Media, Marvell, ADI, IBM, Creative, BROADCOM, CONEXANT, MATROX, etc.

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