Computers turn off automatically at gaming? Windows 11,10,8

Mar. 08, 2023 / Updated by Renata to Gaming Solutions

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Have you ever been stunned by a computer automatically shutting down out of the blue while you were gaming? Have you felt at a loss after booting up and continuing the games, and the computer shut down like out of power again? You tried a lot of things and it didn't work? Therefore, this article summarized 6 methods to solve the computer turn off issue.

Six main causes and solutions:

Reason 1 Driver Incompatible

Reason 2 Too many data caches

Reason 3 Hardware issues

Reason 4 Virus infection

Reason 5 PSU problem

Solution 1. Scan your computer

The integrated graphics card, sound card, the added discrete graphics card, and sound card conflict caused the computer shut down, therefore, you may need a driver application to scan your computer.

In this case, you can download Driver Talent.

Driver Talent is a professional driver software that integrates driver detection, automatic driver upgrade, driver backup, driver restoration, driver uninstallation, hardware detection, etc. It can solve the driver problems of various computers for users. Through multiple user experience feedbacks, the current software version is pure, without advertisements, and pop-up windows, truly giving users the best experience.

Download Driver Talent

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Step1. Scanning

If your computer turn off in a suddent, you can download Driver Talent and star to scan your computer to check if there any drivers needed to update.

It will scan your computer automatically, showing all drivers that need to update on list. You can choose which driver version to download unlike other driver application which force users to update the newest but not the fittest version.


Step 2. Update your drivers

Click the Update button to get the newest version of graphics drivers.

You can also click inverted triangle symbol choosing another version you need.

Note: It's not that the newer the driver, the more suitable it is for your computer. Many people always like to update the driver to the latest version.

But it doesn't work normally after many updates.

Download Driver Talent

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Solution 2. Clean up system disk

Too much data cache:

When a computer takes up too much memory, runs too many programs, and runs a game at the same time, the computer shut down automatically. You should clean-up unnecessary programs or increases the computer memory size. There are too many junk files or fragmented files. It is advised to periodically clear the system garbage.

You can download Driver Talent and use the TOOL function:

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Method 1. Using game repair

Driver Talent, Game Repair function, which providing four helpful methods, would fix your computer problems at gaming.

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Through this function, the game abnormality can be repaired.

If this screen is displayed, it proves that the game abnormality has been repaired:

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Method 2. DTC clean-up

The computer loads too many programs, and the hard disk hoards too many invalid files, which will cause the computer shut down.

Release C disk pressure, the more memory space makes the game run more smoothly.

Clean up your system dish and optimize disk performance.

gaming turnoff-DTCcleanup.png

Through this function, you can clean up some useless software and data caches, free up the computer memory to run your games, and greatly improve the running speed of the computer, so that the computer will not automatically shut down. This function is unique to Driver Talent and cannot be provided by other driver software.

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Solution 3. Check your computer

What hardware problems can cause a computer to freeze?

1. The host is overheated: check if your radiator or CPU fan is working properly. If there is a problem with heat dissipation, it will also cause the computer to freeze.

2. There is too much dust in the case: please clean it in time, keep the inside dry and clean, and keep the CPU well ventilated. Excessive dust will affect the normal work of the cooling system.

3. The memory module is loose: pull out the memory module, check whether the computer crashes due to looseness, and then reinsert the memory module.

4. Hard disk aging: At this time, a new hard disk needs to be replaced.

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Solution 4. Run an anti-virus software

When the core components of the system are damaged by viruses, the running computer may be automatically shut down. In this case, you can download an anti-virus software. It usually integrates functions such as monitoring and identification, virus scanning and removal, automatic upgrade, and active defense. Some anti-virus software also have functions like data recovery, hacker prevention, and network traffic control. It is an important part of the computer defense system.


Solution 5. Power Supply Unit

Many people will ignore the impact of the power supply unit on the computer, but in fact the power supply unit has the greatest impact on the computer. PSU means Power Supply Unit that supplies power to the computer, and the most reason causing the computer SHUTS DOWN at gaming. The simplest way to check it is to change to another PSU. If the new PSU doesn’t infect the computer working, this means the original one is broken and it is it damaged your computer. Hope these solutions can fix the computer shut down issue.

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