How to Download and Install Microsoft .Net Framework for Windows 10

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What's .Net Framework in Windows?

.Net framework seems to be familiar for us when we use Windows computer. However, few of general users know more about how it is used for Windows system.

Indeed, the .Net Framework is a Microsoft program which supports for Windows system to program software. Many software for Windows PC needs to work with the .Net Framework. If you are a game lover, you will find that when you run a game program, the system may ask you to install the .Net Framework firstly. So, it is important to install .Net Framework for games.

Generally, .Net Framework has been built in Windows; however, some users may uninstall it to free their computer space. When they want to install it back, some problems may happen, especially, in Windows 10.

How to Download and Install the .Net Framework for Windows 10

Install .Net Framework for Windows 10 Officially

To download and install the .Net Framework for Windows 10 properly, you need to know which version of the .Net Framework can work on your Windows 10. And different software needs different versions of the .Net Framework to support. Thus, when you download and install the .Net Framework files for games in Windows 10, you must confirm which version is compatible with the OS.

On Windows 10, there are some tricks to install various versions of the .Net Framework. Firstly, you can download from Microsoft website. Find out the version you need in the download list. .Net Framework 3.5 is necessary for Windows 10, 8 or 8.1. Though .Net Framework 4 is a part of Windows 8 and 10, the version 3.5, or other lower versions are not included in these Windows releases. Generally speaking, after downloading, you can install it via double-clicking, and the program will be installed automatically. And you must make sure that the Internet is enabled when the installing is processing.


Download .Net Framework game component with Driver Talent

Sometimes, we may be frustrated to find and download compatible .Net Framework for Windows 10. And the .Net Framework can’t be installed properly, which will make Windows PC work weirdly.

It is much recommended to use a professional tool named Driver Talent to help you install the .Net Framework for Windows 10 computer as a game component.

Download Now

Step 1: Download and install Driver Talent on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Click Scan button to find all possible driver problems in you Windows 10 PC.


Step 3: You will see all drivers which need to be updated or installed, and you can see a Toolbox option in “Advanced” column. Then choose PC Repair.


Step 4: You will see the .NET components repair feature in PC Repair. Don’t hesitate! Click it to fix and download the .Net Framework file for your Windows 10 desktop or laptop.

Also, you could click the DLL Files Helper in the Toolbox menu if you encounter .dll file missing error during your gaming. It will download the proper .dll file you need for the PC.


Hope this article could help you download and install the .Net Framework game component for Windows PC. You can share it with your friends. If you have any questions or opinions about Windows driver and the .Net Framework, you can go and comment in our official forum.


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