Drive The Life Updates with a New Brand Name and New Product Versions

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Los Angeles, Calif. October, 15th, 2015 —Drive The Life Co., Ltd., a world’s leading software provider for Windows driver downloads and updates, today announces big updates – it is changing the company name to OSToto and all products are under the brand name OSToto; the flagship product, popular Windows drivers download and update utility, DriveTheLife, has been updated to the new version called Driver Talent with a fresh new look, and together with DriveTheLife for Network Card updated to Driver Talent for Network Card.

Both are free for limited time. All features of the two products are available to all users for free till December, 31th, 2015. If you download and activate the versions by December, 31th, 2015, you will get all features and all new version updates for free in your lifetime. From 2016 on, you need to pay a little money for the “Restore”, “Uninstall”, “Network Printer”, and other features.

“All are for user experience! We hope everything we do can help users enjoy a better experience when using those tools, from UI to functions,” said Li, CTO of the company. The products not only have new looks but also get stronger performance. “It’s a big change for us. While the name OSToto is new, our global brand is well established and trusted by users. The ongoing growth and success of our company have always been a result of our remarkable people. I am optimistic about the future of OSToto because I have great confidence in the integrity, ingenuity and unwavering dedication of our professional team. We believe that the updates will never disappoint you. We hope the name changes with new versions can be remembered by more and more users.”

The new updated version OSToto Driver Talent features almost all the functions that the previous version DriveTheLife has, and the same with OSToto Driver Talent for Network Card. Users can use Driver Talent to find driver issues, download and install best-matched drivers, update to the latest drivers, backup drivers, restore drivers from backup, uninstall drivers, etc. Now users can free download or update to the new versions.

Key Updated Features of OSToto Driver Talent

Below are the key updated features of Driver Talent.

  • DriveTheLife has been changed the name to Driver Talent.

  • A totally fresh new look – much more concise UI and wizards.

  • Quickly detect drivers and find all driver issues.

  • Offers more stable driver versions to download and update, including the best-matched versions and the latest versions.

  • Much easier option to one-click install peripheral drivers, including network printers and UBS printers.

  • One-stop solutions: backup drivers to local computer, restore driver from backup, uninstall drivers without residual files.

  • Get free activation codes to activate this utility for more features.

  • Provide a quick overview for computer hardware profile.

  • Customize settings with more options.

Driver Talent for Network Card is another version to download and install drivers. It enables users to install network drivers without Internet connection. It features all the functions that Driver Talent has.

Price and Availability

OSToto Driver Talent is now available to all users for free. For more information, or to free download this latest version, please visit: /driver-installation-software/.

OSToto Driver Talent for Network Card is available for free in

About OSToto Co., Ltd.

OSToto Co., Ltd., formerly called Drive The Life Inc., is the leading computer software provider and is dedicated to developing powerful and user-loving software on managing Windows device drivers and Wi-Fi sharing. Over years of development, OSToto Inc. is now favored by majority of users and becomes quite popular all over the world.

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