Driver Talent: how to maintain computer drivers state

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How to Maintain Computer Drivers State

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1. Download Driver Talent

Download Driver Talent

2. Run Driver Talent, it can scan your computer automatically, showing you all drivers statue

You can update drivers one by one, or you can install them in one time

Noted that, there is a small blue inverted triangle, click this little triangle,

You’ll see several former version of drivers. You can download different versions of driver according of your need.


3. Backup and restore

Backup drivers: you can backup drivers in case the driver files corrupted one day.

Restore drivers: you can use Driver Talent to fix the damaged drivers

Uninstall drivers: this function can help you uninstall driver files easily and clearly


4. Peripheral Drivers

Driver Talent also provides peripheral drivers, like keyboard, mouse, scanner, printer, camera, etc.

Situations that Driver Talent can solve include:

  1. The USB driver is not installed, or the driver is accidentally deleted under certain circumstances

  2. Compatibility issues between motherboard and system

  3. The printer cannot be found

At this time, Driver Talent can download the appropriate driver for free, so as to solve the problems that the computer cannot normally use the keyboard, U disk, mouse, and external printer.


5. Pre-download

It is convenient for users to download the required drivers before changing the computer configuration (download only) (such as formatting, reformatting, system restore, OS update or downgrade, system changed, etc.), so as to avoid downloading from the Internet after the computer settings are changed. The driver also prevents the computer from being unable to connect to the Internet due to network failure.

Secondly, it is very important to provide the required driver version for another computer that has just installed the system, especially when it is not connected to the Internet.

6. Extra features

Hardware Detection : tell you the computer specifications

Audio Repair: fix audio problems

Game Repair: improve computer game performance

DT Cleaner: clean system disk



gaming turnoff-gamerepair2.png


How to active the Driver Talent

On the start page, click the Activate Now button on the right corner


Next, enter the license code and your E-mail to activate


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