EVGA Drivers One-Click Download and Update on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista

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“EVGA drivers won’t install”, “experiencing some severe TDR issues with EVGA drivers”……

If you are having issues on EVGA drivers, that’s probably because the EVGA drivers are not the correct ones for your computer. It’s very important to download and install the correct EVGA drivers, for faulty EVGA drivers can ruin your gaming experience and even the computer performance. If you update to the latest EVGA drivers and are stuck in issues, that’s because the latest EVGA drivers are not stable (yeah, you can see lots of reports and complains from EVGA or NVIDIA forums).

Clearly, getting the correct EVGA drivers is the key point. A correct EVGA driver means the driver is the best-matched one for your EVGA devices and the computer. It will enable the EVGA devices to work the best on the computer, like the EVGA motherboard drivers will make the motherboard work in top condition, and the EVGA video card drivers will empower the video card to function normally.

EVGA Drivers VS NVIDIA Drivers

EVGA drivers or NVIDIA drivers? Which one do you need for your motherboard, graphics card, or chipset? Should I download drivers from EVGA or NVIDIA? Should I use EVGA or NVIDIA drivers? EVGA drivers and NVIDIA drivers are the same, except the name. What you need to care about is the exact model, family/category, part number, type, supported Windows OS or more other information with identifiability, which help you to get the correct EVGA drivers.

To download NVIDIA GeForce drivers, you can try the easy method in this article: How to Download and Update NVIDIA GeForce Drivers for Windows PC.

EVGA Drivers Download and Update -- How to Download and Install the Correct EVGA Drivers

Some EVGA drivers are no longer available on the manufacturer’s website, and that’s why you can’t find them on the Internet. One optional choice, if you want to free download the latest EVGA drivers, is to go to the EVGA drivers download page of OSToto, which lists the latest drivers for EVGA once there are new ones released.

There is a much better way to get all the EVGA drivers you want, and that’s to use a professional EVGA drivers download and update utility, like Driver Talent. It helps to identify whether the drivers are outdated, missing, corrupted, faulty, or incompatible, enables you to one-click download the correct EVGA drivers on your computer, and allows you to one-click update to the latest drivers. This utility is very helpful to keep your computer and gaming experience in top condition by getting the correct EVGA drivers, including EVGA motherboard drivers, EVGA gtx 760 drivers, EVGA gtx 970 drivers, EVGA audio drivers, EVGA 123-yw-e175-al drivers, EVGA 122-ck-nf68-al drivers, EVGA gtx 650 ti boost drivers, EVGA graphics card drivers, etc.

Download and install Driver Talent on your computer. It works to install EVGA drivers for all Windows OS, including Windows 10 (64 bit and 32 bit), Windows 8.1 (64 bit and 32 bit), Windows 8 (64 bit and 32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit and 32 bit), Windows XP (64 bit and 32 bit), Windows Vista (64 bit and 32 bit), and Windows Server.

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Steps to Download and Update EVGA Drivers on Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista

1. Run Driver Talent to have a safe scan on your computer. It will identify all the driver issues.

2. If there are missing, corrupted, faulty or incompatible EVGA drivers, click “Repair”. It will start to download and install the correct drivers. You are allowed to update to the latest EVGA drivers in the “latest driver” tab.

download evga nvidia drivers

3. Restart the computer after all the drivers are installed. This will help to make all the newly-installed drivers take effect and work properly.

Bonus Tips: About EVGA Drivers

EVGA Drivers for Mac: If you have a Mac with Windows OS, you can try Driver Talent to install the EVGA drivers on your Mac. To get software driver updates for your Mac OS X, try the use the Mac App Store or Software Update. Learn more about how to install driver updates for your Mac.

How to Uninstall EVGA Drivers: There are several methods to uninstall an EVGA driver. You can try the top 3 ways to uninstall or remove drivers.

You Can Download All EVGA Drivers, including EVGA Motherboard Drivers & Video Drivers

Use Driver Talent to download all the EVGA drivers for your laptop, desktop PC or notebook computer. Below are the mostly-searched EVGA drivers.

EVGA drivers for Windows 10

EVGA drivers for Windows 8.1

EVGA drivers for Windows 8

EVGA drivers for Windows 7

EVGA drivers for Windows XP

EVGA drivers for Windows Vista

EVGA drivers for Windows Server

EVGA motherboard drivers

EVGA graphics card drivers

EVGA video card drivers

EVGA audio drivers

EVGA gtx 970 drivers

EVGA gtx 950 drivers

EVGA gtx 960 drivers

EVGA 123-yw-e175-a1 drivers

EVGA 122-ck-nf68-a1 drivers

EVGA 112-ck-nf77-a1 drivers

EVGA gtx 650 ti boost drivers

EVGA 650 ti boost drivers

EVGA 132 bl e758 drivers

EVGA 141-bl-e757 drivers

EVGA 111-cd-e630 drivers

EVGA x79 dark drivers

EVGA 120-lf-e650 drivers

EVGA e geforce 8800 gts drivers

EVGA gtx 750 ti sc drivers

EVGA gtx 570 hd drivers

EVGA h55v drivers

EVGA 100-u3-uv39-kr drivers

EVGA 133-k8-nf41 drivers

EVGA 112-ck-nf72-k1 drivers

EVGA 112-ck-nf75-k1 drivers

EVGA x58 sli le drivers

EVGA p55 le drivers

EVGA x58 motherboard drivers

EVGA p55 sli motherboard drivers

EVGA nvidia drivers

EVGA nforce 750i sli drivers

EVGA nforce 680i sli drivers

EVGA uv plus 39 drivers

EVGA p55 sli drivers

EVGA p55 ftw drivers

EVGA x58 raid drivers

EVGA 01g-p3-1302-rx drivers

EVGA Realtek drivers

EVGA 780i raid drivers

EVGA x58 sli drivers

EVGA x58 sli3 drivers

EVGA 680i sli drivers

EVGA gtx 560 ti drivers

EVGA gtx 550 ti drivers

EVGA 750 ti drivers

EVGA uv39 drivers

EVGA geforce 6200 video card drivers

EVGA x58 ftw3 drivers

EVGA 113-yw-e115 drivers

EVGA 132-yw-e178-ftw drivers

EVGA 132-yw-e179-ftw drivers

EVGA z68 ftw drivers

EVGA z77 ftw drivers

EVGA z87 ftw drivers

EVGA z87 stinger drivers

EVGA 01g-p3-1312-lr drivers

EVGA 01g-p3-n988-tr geforce 9800 gt drivers

EVGA 02g-p3-1559-kr drivers

EVGA uv plus 19 drivers

EVGA 210 drivers

EVGA gtx 260 drivers

EVGA geforce gtx 260 drivers

EVGA sr-2 drivers

EVGA 347.88 drivers

EVGA 314.22 drivers

EVGA 470 drivers

EVGA gtx 460 drivers

EVGA gtx 480 drivers

EVGA geforce gt 430 drivers

EVGA 560 ti drivers

EVGA gtx 570 drivers

EVGA 660 drivers

EVGA 650 ti drivers

EVGA gtx 660 drivers

EVGA gtx 650 drivers

EVGA 750 ti drivers

EVGA 760 drivers

EVGA 770 drivers

EVGA 750 ti sc drivers

EVGA 8400gs drivers

EVGA geforce 8400 gs drivers

EVGA geforce 8800 gts drivers

EVGA 980 ti drivers

EVGA 970 drivers

EVGA 980 drivers

EVGA gtx 970 drivers

EVGA display drivers

EVGA support drivers

And more EVGA drivers


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