TOP 7 ways to fix Computer Freezing/Frozen on Windows 11

Mar. 08, 2023 / Updated by Renata to Windows 11

Since windows11 has launched, there have been a series of problems. This article summarizes several reasons and corresponding solutions.

Know yourself and know your enemy, we should know why the windows11 would freeze so that we can fix our computer in a quicker and better way.

How to fix Windows 11 Freezing randomly?

Solution1. Reduce resolution setting

Soluiton2. Update drivers

Solution3. System files scanning

Solution4. System Disk scanning

Solution5. Input windows memory diagnostic

Solution6. Performance of windows

Solution7. Reinstall the system

Solution1. Reduce resolution setting

What causes Windows 11 to freeze? It may be your monitor resolution is set extremely high that your computer’s GPU is not configured to keep up with image resolution. For the same reason, Windows 11 freezing while gaming might be caused by your screen resolution setting higher than your PC’s graphics adapter could handle.

In this case, you can try the below method:

Step1. Right-click on the desktop to enter the settings


Step2. In the right window of the setting page, pull down on the system page,

find the display resolution and elect a resolution lower than the original one


Step3. Don't forget to save the modified settings.

Solusiton2. update drivers

Windows 11 freezing may also be caused by Microsoft, which was upgraded to the latest desktop platform, which is not compatible with the Windows system. The same reason for software incompatibility, if the system is freezing on the login screen, or something else, you can try to update your GPU driver.

Here are two ways to update your drivers:

1. Launch Driver Talent--Automatic update

2. Device Manager--Manual update

I am highly recommended you download a Driver Updating Tool that can help you handle all driver problems (not limited to GPU drivers).

For you can only launch this app and it will scan your computer within seconds, showing you all your drivers that needed to update on the list.

What is more, you can choose a version to download instead of the latest version(many users would like to choose a smaller size to save more memory)

Download Driver Talent


gaming turnoff-scan2.png

The other method to update drivers is more troublesome, and it may not only update one driver but multiple drivers. The following steps are uses GPU as an example:

Step1. Simultaneous input WIN+X, choose Device Manager


Step2. Enter the Device Manager program and choose Display adaptors

Then, update it.


Step3. If failed, you can uninstall the device and go back to the top.

Click Action and choose Scan for hardware changes.


Last, reboot your computer.

Solution3. System files scanning

Due to files corruption or software conflicts, it can also caused Windows11 freezing, and mostly caused by Sonic Studio 3 which would remove any miscommunications across system. Check your computer if there have Sonic Studio 3, if so, just uninstall it.

But if the freezing happens after updating the OS(operating system), you can uninstall the latest OS.

Check your system files for problems by following these steps:

Step1. Open the search page

Directly click on the taskbar or press the win key

Step2. Search command prompt and Run as administrator


Step3. Copy the path below, paste and click return


DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth


Step4. Next, type in the following SFC command and press Enter button


sfc /scannow


Step5. Completed the above steps and wait for the system results, Windows 11 freezing issues would be fixed.

Solution4. System Disk scanning

What else would cause Windows11 freeze, there are some possible reasons:

RAM issues (out of memory) can cause Windows 11 freezing, which has only 4 GB of memory, apart from the fix, it is necessary to expand the virtual memory allocation to clean and optimize the RAM.

Step1. Open the search page

Directly click on the taskbar or press the win key

Step2. Search the command prompt and Run as administrator


Step3. type in the following SFC command and press Enter button


chkdsk c: /f /r


Step4. Restart the computer, Disk Check will run during the restart process.

Solution5. Input windows memory diagnostic

Step1. Open the search page

Input windows memory diagnostic

Directly click on the taskbar or press the win key


Step2. Choose restart now and check for problems as it recommended


Solution6. Performance of windows

Step1. Open the search page

Input Performance of windows on the search box

Directly click on the taskbar or press the win key, or you can type WIN + S

performance of Windows11.png

Step2. open on the Advanced tab. And click the change option

performance of Windows33.png

Steps3. following as the below picture:

First, cancel the automatically manage paging file size for all drivers

Second, choose to custom size

Last, saved what you changed.

performance of Windows44.png

Solution7. Reinstall the system

You can only reinstall the system if none of the above methods can solve your problem. Save the required documents and records before reinstalling.

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