5 Solutions for Fix USB-C problems in Windows 10/11

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When you go on a trip and take a lot of photos with your mobile phone and want to transfer them to the computer, you find that the computer cannot recognize the USB of the mobile phone. Transferring with software will cause photos to be compressed and blurred, and it is not as convenient and quick as direct USB transfer. Have you also encountered such a problem?

This article collects some causes and solutions to solve USB problems, hoping to give you some help.

Through USB-C, mobile phones, monitors, and other devices that can use USB-C can be connected to computers. The data in the mobile phone can be transmitted to the computer without compression through USB-C, which is more useful than sending through software.

But due to some combination of hardware and software can cause problems. If the USB-C is not recognized or cannot be used, there will be a notification on the computer. Next, some tips are provided below to help you resolve the issue. If you want to change whether you see notifications about USB issues, here's how:

Solution1. USB4 Device

Solution2. Update Driver

Solution3. Reinstall Driver

Solution4. Clean USB-C Port

Solution5. Use Another USB Port

Solution1. USB4 Device

For the reason that the device supports USB4, but it plugged into a port on a computer which doesn't support USB4. The attached device might have limited functionality because it's not using USB4. Secondly, the cable doesn't support USB4.

Try the below steps to fix USB4 problems:

1. To check and make sure your PC supports USB4 to get the best experience from the attached USB4 device.

2. Make sure you use the cable provided by your device or dock manufacturer or a certified USB4 cable.

3. Connect your USB4 device or dock directly to your PC or only to USB4 docks.

Solution2. Update Driver

Check if your USB drive has a white down arrow or a yellow exclamation mark, if there is a problem with the drive. At this time, you can choose to reinstall the driver, or upgrade the driver to repair it.

Note: A driver is a software that allows your computer to communicate with hardware devices. Without drivers, the devices you connect to your computer—for example, a mouse or external hard drive—won't work properly. Windows can automatically check if there are drivers available for new devices that you connect to your computer.

If you are not familiar with computer application settings or modifications. It is recommended that you download a third-party driver software, so as not to make your computer worse.

Driver Talent is a free software for those who affected by driving issues. Thousands of drivers are configured in the software, suitable for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, is also suitable for desktop and laptop.

Sometimes the driver automatically downloaded by the computer does not solve the problem. For this stubborn driver problem, Driver Talent provides various driver versions for download, unlike other driver updater providing the latest version for choose.

Download Driver Talent

gaming turnoff-scan2.png

And you can choose another method to update your USB driver:

1. Press WIN+X together and choose Device Manager

2. On the Device Manager, find out Display adaptors

3. Right-Click the graphic device

4. Select Update Driver(search automatically for drivers)

Solution3. Reinstall Driver

If you are worried that your operation will affect the normal operation of the computer, then choose to use Driver Talent to reinstall the driver.

There is recommend you should download a free driver updater---Driver Talent. You can easily back-up the operating driver and restore to the former one.


Or you can reinstall your USB driver as the following steps:

1. Press WIN+X together and choose Device Manager

2. On the Device Manager, find out Display adaptors

3. Right-Click the graphic device

4. Select uninstall

5. Go back to action tab- scan for hardware changes

6. Reboot your computer, OS will install a new driver automatically

Solution4. Clean USB-C Port

If the USB-C can not charge your computer, it might caused from these reasons:

The charger isn’t compatible with the computer.

The charger isn’t powerful enough to charge.

The charger isn’t connected to a charging port on the computer.

The charging cable isn't powerful enough for the charger or PC.

Dust or dirt inside the USB port on your device prevented the charger from being inserted correctly.

The charger is connected through an external hub or dock.

You can solve this problem by doing the following:

1. Solve compatibility issues: Use the charger and data cable that came with the computer.

2. To solve the unstable connection problem: reconnect the charger to the USB-C charging port on the computer.

3. Solve the problem of poor contact caused by dust: clean the USB-C port on the computer with absolute alcohol.

Solution5. Use Another USB Port

The USB device might have limited functionality when connected to this port. Plug the USB device into a different USB port on your PC.

Make sure the device or dongle is connected to the USB-C port on your PC that supports the features of the device or dongle. For example, if you're connecting a Thunderbolt device, make sure it’s connected to the USB-C port on your PC that supports Thunderbolt.

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