5 Quick Fixes for Windows 11 Installation Assistant Error Code 0x8007007f

Aug. 17, 2022 / Updated by Vivi to Windows 11

Windows 11 code 0x8007007f

Many Windows 10 users have received the message "Something went wrong. Select Try again, and if that doesn't work, contact Microsoft support for help. Error code 0x8007007f " when manually upgrading the operating system to Windows 11 with the Windows 11 Installation Assistant tool. This error can be caused by many factors, such as outdated drivers, corrupted system files, or insufficient administrator permission. It may seem complicated, but it's not very difficult to fix. This article will introduce 5 effective solutions to the Error code 0x8007007f appeared in the Windows 11 Installation Assistant.


Fix 1. Run Windows 11 Installation Assistant as administrator

Fix 2. Update the graphics drivers

Fix 3. Free up storage space

Fix 4. Disable third-party antivirus

Fix 5. Perform SFC scan

Fix 1. Run Windows 11 Installation Assistant as administrator

When the Installation Assistant cannot rewrite or download the Windows 11 files to the system directory, the Error code 0x8007007f may occur for the reason that the current operating system blocks the access. Admin access is required if you want to open any files. Thus, you can run Windows 11 Installation Assistant as administrator to make sure that Installation Assistant is able to open the system files.

To do so:

Step 1. Right-click on the Windows11InstallationAssistant.exe file, and choose Run as administrator.

Step 2. Select Yes.

Step 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Check if the Windows 11 update error code 0x8007007f is fixed. If not, try next solution.

Fix 2. Update the graphics drivers

An out-of-date or incompatible graphics driver can be the culprit of the Windows 11 installation error 0x8007007f. Graphics card manufacturers, such as Intel, AMD and NVIDIA, have released graphics drivers for Windows 11. To resolve the Error code 0x8007007f problem, you can try updating your graphics drivers.

As for how to update drivers, we'd recommend Driver Talent to you. Driver Talent is a free driver updater software having access to millions of drivers for various devices. It can find out the problematic drivers on the computer, and then fix the issues by updating drivers, restoring drivers, uninstalling drivers or backing up drivers.

Now click the download button to use DriverTalent to resolve the code 0x8007007f problem.

Download Driver Talent

Simple steps to update graphics drivers.

Step 1. Check all drivers on your PC with one click.

update graphics drivers

Step 2. Update the graphics driver with one click.

Note: You can also click Update All to update multiple device drivers all at once.

code 0x8007007f

Step 3. Reboot your PC.

This should be able to fix the Windows 11 installation error 0x8007007f issue.

Fix 3. Free up storage space

Lack of adequate disk space may also lead to error 0x8007007f in Windows 11 Installation Assistant during the upgrading process. Enough disk space is required to download and install Windows 11 files, as well as save Windows system files temporarily. In this case, you need to free up space on the Windows installation drive.

Steps to free up storage space are as follows:

Step 1. Click on Start, and then type Disk Cleanup in the search box.

Step 2. Select the temporary files that you don't need, and then click on OK to delete them.

Step 3. When it is completed, try running Windows 11 Installation Assistant to see if it can work properly.

Fix 4. Disable third-party antivirus

It is reported that many people have fixed the Windows 11 Installation Assistant error code 0x8007007f by disabling installed third-party antivirus software as they may interfere with the functioning of the Installation Assistant. So you can give it a try.

Instructions on how to uninstall third-party antivirus software are as follows:

Step 1. Click on Start, and then choose Settings.

Step 2. Go to the Apps section, and then select Apps & features.

Windows 11 Apps features

Step 3. Find the antivirus software, right-click on it, and select Uninstall.

Step 4. Uninstall all third-party antivirus software, and then run the Installation Assistant again to see if the problem is resolved.

Fix 5. Perform SFC scan

The System File Checker (SFC) or sfc.exe is a Windows in-built utility that can help to scan for and restore corrupted Windows system files. If the solutions listed above didn't solve the problem, you should run the SFC tool to check the system files on your computer and repair the corrupted files.

Step 1. Press Win + R altogether on your keyboard.

Step 2. Type cmd, and press Shift + Ctrl + Enter altogether.

Step 3. In the prompt window, type SFC/scannow, and then press Enter.

SFC will then check the system files and fix the system file corruption.

When it is over, install Windows 11 again to check if the Error code 0x8007007f problem still occurs.

Hope these 5 solutions can help you fix the Windows 11 Installation Assistant Error code 0x8007007f issue. If you still have any ideas or questions, please contact us in the comments section below.

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