Fix Windows 11 Blue Screen of Death

Dec. 18, 2023 / Updated by Mindy to Windows 11

Windows 11 is Microsoft's latest operating system, which has a new interface design, performance optimization and function enhancement, attracting many users to upgrade and try. However, as a new system, Windows 11 also inevitably has some problems and instability, the most troublesome is the blue screen problem. 

Blue screen of Death (BSOD) indicates that the operating system encounters a serious error and cannot continue to run. The operating system displays a blue error message and automatically restarts or waits for the user to perform operations. The blue screen not only affects the normal use, but also may cause data loss and hardware damage. So, what should we do if Windows 11 always shows blue screen? This article will introduce you to some common causes and solutions for Windows 11 blue screen problem. Hope it is helpful to you.


Causes of Windows 11 Blue Screen of Death

There may be many reasons for the blue screen of win11, but it can generally be summarized into the following categories:

1. Hardware failure: If your computer’s hardware, such as memory, hard disk, video card and other parts damaged, loose or incompatible, it may cause the system can not read or write data normally, resulting in blue screen. You can check whether your computer’s hardware is in good condition, whether it meets the minimum configuration requirements of Windows 11, and whether it needs to be replaced or upgraded.

2. Driver problems: If there is a problem with your computer driver, such as outdated, damaged, conflicting or incompatible, it may cause the system to be unable to properly identify or control the hardware, resulting in a blue screen. You can check if your computer's drivers are up to date, suitable for Windows 11, or need to be updated or uninstalled.

3. Software program problems: If your computer software program has problems, such as viruses, malware, system file corruption, registry errors or incompatibility, it may cause the system to not run properly or load, resulting in a blue screen. You can check whether your computer software programs are safe, suitable for Windows 11, and need to be cleaned or repaired.

4. System setting problems: if your computer system settings have problems, such as power management, system recovery, startup settings or security settings, it may cause the system to fail to start or run normally, resulting in a blue screen. You can check whether your computer system settings are correct and whether it needs to be adjusted or restored.

Solutions for Windows 11 Blue Screen of Death

Depending on the cause of the blue screen, you can take different solutions, the following are some common methods:

1. Restart the computer: Sometimes, the blue screen is just an accidental error, and can be fixed by restarting the computer. You can force a shutdown by pressing the power button, then turn it on again and see if the blue screen still appears. If not, the problem has been solved. If so, the problem is serious and requires further handling.


2. Enter the safe mode: The safe mode is a special startup mode, it only loads the most basic drivers and services, which can help you eliminate and solve some software program problems. You can press the F8 key when the computer is powered on, select "Enable Safe mode" to enter, and then in safe mode, you can delete or uninstall some recently installed or updated software programs, or use tools such as system restore or system file check to fix some system files or registry problems.

3. Update or uninstall the driver: The driver is the bridge connecting the hardware and the system, if the driver has a problem, it may lead to blue screen. You can detect the computer driver status through "Driver Talent", which can help you find missing or outdated drivers and you can automatically download and install the driver. You can also open the Device Manager in the Control panel to see if your computer hardware has a yellow or red exclamation mark, if it does, there is a problem with the driver. Then you need to restart the computer after completion, to see whether the blue screen problem is solved. 

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4. Check or replace the hardware: Hardware failure is the most serious cause of the blue screen problem. If there is a problem with your computer hardware, you may need professional technicians to check or replace. You can use some hardware detection tools, such as CPU-Z, GPU-Z, CrystalDiskInfo, etc., to view the status and performance of your computer hardware, if you find anything abnormal or damaged, you can try to replace or repair the hardware, or contact the computer manufacturer or after-sales service.

Above content is the causes and solutions for Windows 11’s BSOD problem, hope it was helpful for you. If you encounter driver problems related to network cards, graphics cards, Bluetooth, sound cards and other drivers, you can download "Driver Talent" for detection and repair, and Driver Talent supports driver download, driver installation, driver backup, and so on.


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