Fixed Dead Island 2 Stutter & Low FPS on Windows 10/11

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The Dead Island 2 have launched for a month, which caused a wave of enthusiasm and some gaming performance issues as well. Many players have complained that they suffered from low FPS(low game frame rate).

Optimizing the frame rate performance of first-person shooter (FPS) games is crucial to providing players with a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. A high frame rate ensures that the game animation appears smooth and uninterrupted, so players won't get interrupted by glitches, choppiness, or lag.

Optimizing the FPS rate is especially important because a low frame rate can impact the player’s ability to react quickly and accurately, which could ultimately affect gameplay performance. Here are some important tips on how to optimize the FPS game frame rate performance:

Solution1. Adjust Graphics Quality Settings

Solution2. Lowering the Resolution

Solution3. Update Graphics Drivers

Solution4. Close Background Applications

Solution5. Defrag the Hard Drive

Solution6. Overclocking Graphics Card

Solution7. Reset Power Management Options

Solution1. Adjust Graphics Settings

The first step to optimizing FPS game frame rate performance is to adjust the graphics quality settings to find a balance between visual quality and frame rate performance.

Players usually prefer to have their graphics settings on “high,” which can provide them a better game video experiences, whereas it can also come at a cost to FPS. The graphics settings should be reduced to medium or low to increase the FPS rate. Reducing the graphics quality can remove the strain on the video card, and the computer can run the game smoother than before. Later on, better gaming experiences will be possible with improved hardware.


Solution2. Lowering the Resolution

Lowering the resolution can significantly boost the FPS rate. The higher the resolution, the more the graphics card will struggle to keep up with the game's demand as processing more graphics will require more system resources. When set to a lower resolution, the graphics card can display the image more effectively, increasing the FPS. Often times players may not even notice the change in resolution while playing so this is a great way to increase frame rate without compromising too much on graphics.

Solution3. Update Graphics Drivers

Outdated graphics drivers not only affect FPS game frame rate performance, but also they might cause stability, display, or even compatibility issues. Updating the graphics card drivers will ensure that the latest drivers are installed and will keep the game running smoothly, and can also help with various issues that are keeping the frame rate low.

It is highly recommended to download a driver updater to fix the Dead Island 2 low FPS issue.

Driver Talent is free for scanning computers and providing updated driver.

1. Download and install Driver Talent

Download Driver Talent

2. Click on the "Scan" button to scan your computer for outdated, missing, or corrupt drivers.

3. Once the scan is complete, you will see a list of all the problematic drivers on your computer.

4. Click on the "Download" button next to the driver you want to update or install.

5. Wait for the download to finish, then click on the "Install" button to install the new driver on your computer.

6. You can also use Driver Talent to backup and restore your drivers or to uninstall unwanted drivers.

7. Once you have installed all the necessary drivers, restart your computer to apply the changes.


Solution4. Close Background Applications

Closing background programs while running the game will free up system resources, which can go towards the game's performance. Pause downloads, file transfers, and any other program that could use your computer's resources while you're gaming. This will ensure your game gets enough resources so as not to create a bottleneck and effect performance.

1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc at the same time, and it can open Task Manager or you can right-click the task bar and choose Task Manager

2. On Task Manager window, select those unnecessary process, and click End Task


Solution5. Defrag the Hard Drive

The Dead Island 2 performance might be slowed down if the hard drive has a lot of fragmented files. Fragmented files cause the hard drive to work harder than it needs to, which is just like slowing down the game performance. When defrag the hard drive, files are reorganized into a more organized and contiguous format.

This means that the game files will be easier to access, and the hard drive will perform better, which can help with increasing frame rate and other game performance issues.

1. Click on the Start menu and select "File Explorer".

2. Right-click on the hard drive you want to defragment and select "Properties".

3. Go to the "Tools" tab and click on the "Optimize" button under "Optimize and defragment drive".

4. Select the hard drive you want to defragment and click on the "Analyze" button to check if it needs to be defragmented.

5. If the analysis shows that the hard drive needs to be defragmented, click on the "Optimize" button to start the defragmentation process.

6. Wait for the process to complete. It may take a few minutes or several hours, depending on the size of the hard drive and how fragmented it is.


Solution6. Overclocking Graphics Card

Overclocking the graphics card can result in a significant increase in increased frame rate performance on Dead Island 2. Overclocking is the process of boosting the performance of the graphics card by running it at a higher clock speed or voltage than the manufacturer specs. However, overclocking can be risky and cause damage to the graphics card if done incorrectly, and the player should perform research and follow a guide to know the right way to overclock a graphics card.

Solution7. Reset Management Options

Graphics card power management options should be set to 'Maximum Performance.' This ensures that the graphics card works at maximum power until it detects a low system load or low frame rate for achieving better FPS rates. This ensures that it utilizes the resources of the graphics card efficiently, which could result in better FPS rates.

Download Driver Talent


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