Fixed: Printer Not Recognized Error on Windows

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Here are some common reasons that may cause this error:

1. Connection issue: If the printer is not properly connected to the computer, it may result in a printer not recognized error. Make sure the printer cable is properly plugged into both the printer and the computer.

2. Outdated Printer Driver: The printer driver is the software that allows your computer to interact with the printer. If the driver is outdated, it may result in a printer not recognized error. Make sure you have the latest printer driver installed on your computer.

3. Printer settings: Sometimes, the printer settings can also affect the communication between your computer and the printer. Make sure that the printer is set as the default printer and that it is properly configured.

4. Malfunction: If your printer is malfunctioning, it may not be recognized by your computer. Check whether the printer is turned-on, plugged-in, and displaying no error messages.

Try troubleshooting the above possible causes in your printer and see if it solves the problem.

If your printer is not being detected by your Windows computer, it can be frustrating to try and troubleshoot the issue on your own. However, there are several steps you can take to resolve a printer not recognized error on Windows.

1. Check the Hardware

2. Restart Printer and Computer

3. Update Printer Drivers

4. Check the Printer Status in Windows

5. Run the Printer Troubleshooter

6. Check for Windows Updates

7. Disable Anti-virus/Firewall temporarily

1. Check the Hardware

Ensure the Printer is turned ON and Connected to the Computer

Before you begin troubleshooting, it is important to confirm that your printer is turned on and connected to your computer. Ensure that all cables and connections are firmly in place. If using a wireless printer, double-check that it is connected to your Wi-Fi network and the signal strength is strong.

2. Restart Printer and Computer

Sometimes, a simple restart is all you need to solve a problem with your printer or computer. Unplug your printer from the power source and wait for at least 30 seconds before turning it back on. Restart your computer and try printing again.

3. Update Printer Drivers

A faulty or outdated network adapter driver can cause issues with printer not recognized error.

Many computer problems are difficult to tackle. When users are having troubles to fix corrupted repositories or missing Windows files, their computer operating systems may be already broken.

It is highly recommended to download a driver updater----Driver Talent which is free for scanning computers and providing updated driver.

Download Driver Talent

1. First, download and install Driver Talent on your Windows computer.

2. Open Driver Talent and click on the "Scan" button. This will scan your computer for outdated or missing drivers.

3. After the scan is complete, locate your printer driver and click on the "Update" button next to it. If your printer driver is not listed, you can click on the "Reinstall" button to reinstall it.

4. Wait for the driver update or reinstall to complete and then restart your computer.

5. Connect your printer to your computer and turn it on. Windows should now recognize your printer.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, you can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver manually from your computer's Device Manager. Here's how:

1. Open the Device Manager by right-clicking on the Windows Start menu and selecting "Device Manager."

2. Locate your printer under the "Printers" or "Imaging Devices" section and right-click on it.

3. Select "Uninstall device" and confirm the action.

4. Disconnect your printer from the computer and restart your computer.

5. Reconnect your printer to the computer and Windows should automatically reinstall the printer driver. If not, you can go to the manufacturer's website to download and install the latest printer driver manually.

Download Driver Talent


4. Check the Printer Status in Windows

Open the Control Panel on your Windows computer and click on Devices and Printers. Look for your printer in the list of devices and check its status. If it is showing as offline, right-click on the printer and select Use Printer Online.

5. Run the Printer Troubleshooter

Windows has a built-in Printer troubleshooter that can help identify and fix common printer problems. Here's how to run the printer troubleshooter:

- Open the Control Panel on your Windows computer

- Click on Troubleshooting

- Under Hardware and Sound, select Printer

- Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the troubleshooting process

6. Check for Windows Updates

It is important to keep your Windows operating system up to date to ensure that it functions properly. Check for any available updates and install them. These updates can include fixes for printer-related issues.

- Open the Settings app on your Windows computer

- Click on Update & Security

- Click on Check for Updates

- Install any available updates

7. Disable Anti-virus/Firewall temporarily

Sometimes, your anti-virus or firewall software can block your printer from being recognized by Windows. To test if this is the issue, temporarily disable your anti-virus or firewall software and try to print again.

If your printer is detected and prints successfully, you will need to allow the printer in your anti-virus/firewall settings or create an exception for it.


In conclusion, a printer not recognized error on Windows can be a frustrating issue to deal with. But with all these tips, you can easily resolve the issue and get back to printing again. If you still encounter issues, it may be worthwhile to contact the manufacturer's support team for further assistance.

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