G-Sync Not Working on Windows 11 10 NVIDIA

Mar. 08, 2023 / Updated by Renata to Windows 11


Before solving the not working problem, users should know what is G-Sync.

G-SYNC is a display screen adaptive synchronization technology developed by NVIDIA to solve the problem of screen tearing in games:

G-Sync technology dynamically adjusts the refresh rate of the monitor to keep consistent with the refresh time of the game screen, avoiding screen tearing/low FPS while maintaining a high frame rate screen experience. Compared with V-Sync, G-Sync technology does not waste any game frames at all, and the system delay is also greatly reduced.

The most important advantage of G-SYNC: when G-SYNC is started, the refresh rate of the computer monitor will be the same as the frame number of the game, and it will change dynamically. The FPS of the game depends on the refresh rate of the display.

Note: The principle of the display is to quickly play countless static pictures, and through the visual residue of the human eye, the eyes will mistakenly think that the pictures are dynamic.

The refresh rate is the frequency at which the display displays images. The unit is Hz. A 60Hz display refreshes 60 images per second, and a 144Hz display refreshes 144 images per second. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the image looks.

To fix G-Sync not working problem, users can try the below solutions:

Solution1. Update Graphics Driver

Solution2. Enable V-Sync

Solution3. Check G-Sync Settings

Solution4. Rollback Nvidia Driver

Solution5. Update Windows

Solution1. Update Graphics Driver

An outdated graphics driver is not compatible with the newly launching G-Sync.

Graphics card driver problems will cause the Windows system obviously freezing when running, but it will not crash; When playing games, it runs unsmoothly or even unable to enter games.

In this case, users can update the graphics driver.

Download Driver Talent for free updating and installing.

Only for one click, it can scan/find what problems with the computer drivers.



In other way to update drivers:

1. WIN+X together,

2. Open Device Manager

3. Choose display adaptor

4. Choose the graphics card driver

5. Right click the graphics card driver and uninstall it/update it

Note: Updating the graphics card driver can correct the BUG in the old version, and can further tap the functions of the graphics card hardware, so that some hardware functions can be fully utilized.

Solution2. Enable V-Sync

G-Sync is linked with V-Sync and sometimes it offers game stuttering, lag, screen tearing, etc. If your G-Sync can’t work properly on Windows 11/10, you should enable V-Sync.

1. Open NVIDIA Control Panel

2. Choose NVIDIA Control Panel from the list.

3. Click on Manage the NVIDIA Control Panel window and click on Manage 3D settings.

4. Choose to Global setting in the Manage 3D settings window

5. Check out whether the vertical sync is enabled or disabled.

6. Scroll down to the Vertical sync drop-down box and choose turn On.

7. Make sure to click on Apply to save the settings.

8. Restart the computer to enable V-Sync.

Solution3. Check G-Sync Settings

The G-Sync settings issue can also lead to unable running G-Sync or the screen tearing on G-Syn.

If G-Sync is unable to running or it made the screen tearing, it mostly result for G-Sync settings issue.

1. Check G-Sync not working issue.

2. Check whether the G-Sync monitor is good and working properly.

3. Restart the system and sign in

4. Head over to the NVIDIA Control Panel

5. On the 3D Settings

6. Choose Manage 3D settings

7. Keep in mind that the G-Sync option turned on or off to check for the issue.

Solution4. Rollback Nvidia Driver

The latest NVIDIA drivers might cause G-Sync to not work or tear. NVIDIA graphics cards are G-Sync supporters, users can try rolling it back to an older version in Device Manager and see if it turns G-Sync back to normal.

You can rollback the driver to a former version, following these steps and try to rollback the driver:

1. Press WIN+X at the same time, and Enter into Device Manager

2. Choose the Display Adaptor

3. Right click the graphics card device

4. Choose properties

5. On the Driver Tab, select Rollback Driver, and press OK

6. Follow the pop-up instructions

If the rollback driver still failed to fix the issue, users can use Driver Talent to choose another driver version.

In the below method, users can rollback Nvidia Driver:

On Driver Talent’s scan results page, users can click the reverted triangle of the driver---which will expand a list of different driver versions.

gaming turnoff-scan2.png

Solution5. Update Windows

If none of the previous methods work, you can check to see if your computer has not been updated for too long. Outdated software may cause some problems with newly released video games.

Through Windows updates, computer can resolve corrupted files and bugs. In this way, the G-Sync not working issue may be fixed

1. Press Windows + I together

2. On the Windows Settings, click on Update & Security

3. Choose Windows Update section

4. Click Check for Updates

5. Download and Install to start updating the software

6. Wait for seconds and restart the computer to make changes effected

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