How to Install Display Card Drivers with Driver Talent?

Jun. 24, 2022 / Updated by Bessie Shaw to Windows Driver Solutions

If there is something wrong, such as driver's broken, corrupted or missing with your display card, your display will not work normally. This article tells you how to install correct drivers for the graphics card and let the display work again. 2 methods are demonstrated: one is to install driver from Device Manager; the other is to install driver using Driver Talent, the easy-to-use and efficient driver downloader and updater software.

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How to Know If the Display Card Driver Has Problem

It is easy to identify if the graphics card driver has issues or not. One way is to check it under Device Manager.

  • Head to Computer (Right click) > Manage > Device Manager.

  • Locate your display adapters (also called video card and display card or graphic card) and check if there is a yellow exclamation mark on the device.

If so, it means the driver has issues.

The other way is to identify the problem with Driver Talent.

  • Download and install Driver Talent on your Windows computer. Click Start Now to launch it.

  • Click Scan, it will scan all your drivers and list the status of your drivers.

  • Check if your display driver is listed under the category of "Need to be repaired".

If so, it means your graphics driver has issues.

How to Install Display Card Drivers on Windows PC

After I confirmed that my display driver has issue, how can I fix the it? It is easy! Install the correct driver to let the display work again. As was stated above, there are 2 methods to install video card driver.

Method 1. Install Display Card Driver from Device Manager

Only if you have the original file of the driver, this method is adoptable.

  • Find your display adpaters and locate the problematical device.

  • Right click the device and choose Update Driver Software

  • Choose "Browse my computer for driver software". Next, "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer". You will see these 2 windows in the below.

Choose the driver file you already have on your computer disk to complete the driver installation.

Method 2. Install Graphics Driver Using Driver Talent

If you don't have the original driver file and even don't know which driver to download and install, Driver Talent is your best choice. When you are checking drivers with Driver Talent in the above, you will see your display driver is listed in the catefory of "Need to be repaired". Just click Start, your display driver will be fixed with one click.

After that, restart your computer to let the new installed video card driver take effect.

Extra Tip: Fix the problem of display driver stopped responding and has recovered.


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