How to Fix Windows 11 WiFi Not Working Issue

Mar. 08, 2023 / Updated by Renata to Windows 11

From the comparison of the installation rate data, even the installation rate of Window7 is 4.7%, and the installation rate of the very popular Window10 has reached 80.34%. Although Window11 is a new system, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the installation rate , but a year later, the installation rate is not as good as Windows7, which is a bit surprising.

Judging from the current user feedback, Window11 may not be as good as the previous generation of Window10.

At the same time, there are still many problems in Windows 11, such as not sending links to wifi networks

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Some reasons for the Wi-Fi Not Working

Solutions for fixing WIFI not working on computer:

Solution1. Update Driver

Solution2. Update Windows

Solution3. Reset Your Network Settings

Possible reasons behind the Wi-Fi not working in Windows 11 are as follows:

Reason1. Outdated drivers for network adapters

Reason2. Out of range from WiFi router/modem

Reason3. Firewall issues (firewall is blocking connections)

Reason4. Corrupted files

Solution1. Update Driver

Before we update drivers, we should know what is driver:

What the driver does can be simply said to be:

Initialize and configure hardware

Realize the reception and transmission of hardware data

If the driver is not upgraded, it may cause some problems, such as:

1. The computer screen is black (may be a problem with the graphics card driver)

2. There is no sound from the computer (it may be a problem with the sound card driver)

3. The computer mouse is out of order, and the keyboard is out of order (it may be a driver problem of the input device)

4. The computer cannot connect to the wireless network or is connected to the Internet, but cannot access the Internet (may be a problem with the network card driver)

and so on!

Many hardware failures, sudden problems, a large part of the reason is the driver problem.

Many computer problems are difficult to tackle. When users are having troubles to fix corrupted repositories or missing Windows files, their computer operating systems may be already broken.

It is highly recommended to download a driver updater----Driver Talent which is free for scanning computers and providing updated driver.

Download Driver Talent

There is another way to rollback drivers to a former version: download Driver Talent. Driver Talent provides a variety of different versions of drivers for users to download. Unlike other driver updater, once the scan is completed, they can only be forced to update to the latest version. Not the latest version of the driver is the best. For the hardware is old, updating to the latest version of the driver will cause incompatibility between the device and the computer and cause computer errors. Therefore, it is also necessary to download an earlier version of the driver.

Launch Driver Talent and Scan the computer, users would see a list of drivers which can be updated. Click the inverted triangle, users can download different versions:

Download Driver Talent

gaming turnoff-scan2.png

Solution2. Update Windows

Because of the file is corrupted, the WIFI of Windows 11 is not working properly . It may be that the WIFI is connected but there is no network, or it may not be able to connect to the WIFI.

System update patch is a process of repairing damaged files and repairing vulnerabilities. Through update windows, it is possible to fix the problem that WIFI cannot be used normally.

The repair patch cannot guarantee that there will be no other accidents in the system, but it is only aimed at solving the problem that the current WIFI cannot be used. If there are other problems with the computer, it needs to be dealt with separately.

1. Press WIN+I together and open Settings

2. Choose Windows Updates

3. On the right-panel, select Check for updates

Solution3. Reset Your Network Settings

Wrong network settings might cause WIFI not working on Windows 11. In this case, users can try to change their network settings as the below steps:

1. Press WIN+I and open the settings

2. Then choose the Network & Internet.

3. Hover over to the Advanced Network Settings tab.

4. Choose More Settings option and select the Network Reset tab.

5. On the next page, hit the Reset Now button. Then, if prompted, confirm your action by clicking on Yes.

6. Close the window and restart the computer, see if the WIFI issue still persist

If reset network settings failed to fix the WIFI problem, users can reconnect to WIFI network again:

1. Firstly, press the Win+I button altogether to open the settings app.

2. After that, switch to the Network & Internet tab and select the Wi-Fi option.

3. Then, simply click on the Manage Known Networks option.

4. That’s it. Now, you’ll find all the networks that you have saved before. So, remove the Wi-Fi network that you are connected to previously.

5. Finally, reconnect it again and check if it is now connected or working properly or not.

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