How To Optimize Computer Game Performance On Windows 11

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Several important factors affect the computer game experience: Internet speed, sound, and game screen.

This article summarizes several methods to improve the picture quality of the game, through these solutions, you can optimize the computer games performance by yourself.

1. Update Windows 11 To The Latest Version

2. Adjust Windows 11 Power Settings

3. Use The Latest Graphics Drivers

4. Close Background Applications

5. Disable Unnecessary Start-Up Programs

6. Adjust Graphics Settings

7. Set The Game To Run In Windowed Fullscreen

8. Optimize Game Launch Settings

9. Upgrade Your Computer Hardware

1. Update Windows 11

Before you dive into game optimization, make sure your operating system is up to date. Windows 11 updates often contain bug fixes and performance improvements that can help your computer run more smoothly. To check for updates, open the Settings app, then click on "Windows Update" and select "Check for Updates."

2. Adjust Power Settings

Windows 11 has some built-in power management options that can help you optimize performance. Go in your settings-app -> System ->Power and Sleep->Additional power settings -> High Performance options which are optimized to help your computer run at maximum speed. Instead of the Balanced or Power Saver plan, choose High Performance, which will give your computer more power to run your games. This is the most straightforward way to increase performance and can provide noticeable improvements.


3. Use The Latest Graphics Drivers

An outdated, corrupted, or missing graphics driver is a common reason for poor game performance. A graphics driver is the software that enables your operating system to communicate with your graphics card. If your graphics driver is outdated or corrupted, the performance of your game may be adversely affected.

It is highly recommended to download a driver updater----Driver Talent which is free for scanning computers and providing updated driver. With the help of DT, you will no need to update drivers by yourself.

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4. Close background applications

Running background applications like media players, web browsers, or chat applications can use up system resources and cause your computer to slow down. Close everything but the essential apps you need when playing games. You can also check the Windows 11 Task Manager and End Task the Background Applications using a significant percentage of CPU or RAM.

5. Disable unnecessary start-up programs

Applications auto start with Windows and are running in the background, affecting computer performance. These programs may slow down the computer, so it is essential to check from time to time which programs are launched automatically and disable the unnecessary programs.

To turn off startup applications, press the Windows key + R, then type "msconfig" and click OK. When the System Configuration window opens, go to the "Services" tab and uncheck the box next to any services that you don't need to start automatically. Then go to the "Startup" tab and uncheck any programs that you don't want to start when you log into Windows.

6. Adjust graphics settings

Depending on your graphics card, some games allow adjusting graphics settings in-game and out-game. Adjusting the graphics settings is an easy way to optimize game performance on your computer. Many games come with built-in graphics settings presets that can be adjusted without affecting the game quality adversely.

7. Set in windowed fullscreen

Running the game in windowed fullscreen mode can help optimize game performance. Go into the graphics settings of the game and set the game display settings to "Borderless Windowed" or Full Screen Borderless. This way, your computer won't have to switch resolutions and render the desktop again every time the game is minimized.


8. Optimize game launch settings

For users with less powerful hardware and who want to play games that are heavy on system resources, optimizing game launch options files that can help improve game performance which is found inside the game folder. The options file is a text file with all sorts of variables in it, and a simple change in any of these variables can have a dramatic effect. However, before making any changes, it is advisable to keep a backup file of their original options file in case something goes wrong.

9. Upgrade your computer hardware

If your computer hardware is outdated and cannot keep up with new games, a hardware upgrade may be necessary. Hardware upgrades can include upgrading your graphics card, adding more RAM, upgrading the CPU, or getting an SSD (Solid State Drive) in place of an HDD (Hard Disk Drive). Upgrading the hardware can significantly improve the performance of your computer while gaming.



Optimizing game performance on Windows 11 can be achieved through a combination of hardware upgrades, software optimization, graphic settings adjustment, and system settings adjustment as mentioned above. Try out these tips and see which ones work best for you. By following these optimization tips on your Windows 11 system, you can significantly improve your gaming experience and keep up with the latest games.

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