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Millions of you use HP laptops or desktop PCs and almost all of you have encountered problems about hardware devices. Examples are that there is no sound from your HP computer, printer not recognized, keyboard or mouse not recognized by computer, no wireless connections (no Wi-Fi), etc. If you can't access your HP computer or your HP device is not working, the drivers of your HP computer or HP devices may be broken, outdated, missing or corrupted. Downloading HP drivers should be your first consideration. Get new driver updates 2016 for HP laptops, desktops, and notebooks.

Reasons Why You Need to Download & Update HP Drivers

If the HP drivers of the hardware and device have errors, they won’t work properly. The causes of this problem are:

  • You’ve got new HP devices or upgraded the devices but have not yet installed the latest drivers.

  • You’ve reinstalled Windows OS, or updated to new Windows OS (like upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP) but the old HP drivers are not compatible with your newly-installed OS.

  • The HP drivers files are removed by accident.

  • There are conflicts within the drivers or the HP devices.

Downloading the latest HP drivers compatible with your Windows OS can help fix all driver-related issues.

Note: A Windows OS requires specific drivers to match it. For example, Windows 10 requires exact Windows 10 HP drivers, and the drivers of lower Windows OS (like Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows Vista) will not be compatible with the new Windows 10.

Free Download and Update HP Drivers on Your Laptop, Desktop PC or Notebook

A). Download the HP driver from the HP website

If you have the model and serial number of the printer (or the HP device that is experiencing problems), you can download the HP printer driver directly from its website.


1. Browse to HP website.

2. Enter serial number or product details.

3. Click "Find" to search for updated HP printer drivers.

4. Download related driver files from the search results.

5. Double-click the downloaded file to install the printer driver.

B). Download the HP driver from Driver Talent

We recommend you to try professional HP driver update utility for help. These tools save you a lot of time and they are also much more effective. You can try Driver Talent (formerly called DriveTheLife), which is designed to help you check drivers for problems and then automatically download & update the latest HP drivers for your devices and computer on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista, either 64-bit or 32-bit.

Quickly download and install Driver Talent on your desktop or laptop.

Download Now

Editor's Note: DriveTheLife has been updated to the new version called Driver Talent with a fresh new look.

Step 1. Launch Driver Talent on your computer. Click "Scan". It will scan your computer to identify if the drivers are outdated, missing, corrupted, broken or incompatible.

Step 2. After scanning, you will see the problems in details. Repair the drivers. Driver Talent will start to download and install the best-mached drivers.

Step 3. Alternatively, select the “Latest Driver” tab and you can download the latest drivers by clicking on “Update”.

hp driver download

Step 4. For HP USB drivers (drivers for peripheral devices), select the "Peripheral Drivers" menu to install all the drivers.

Restart your computer after all drivers are done. This will make all the drivers into work.

If you want to download all HP drivers by yourself,please visit

All HP Driver Downloads for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista

Driver Talent is the all-in-one driver download and update utility. It can download and install all HP drivers for your computers and devices. Below are parts of the HP drivers that are mostly used, inlcuding Windows 10 HP drivers, Windows 8.1 HP drivers, Windows 8 HP drivers, Windows 7 HP drivers, Windows XP HP drivers, and Windows Vista HP drivers.

HP Drivers for Desktop PCs

HP Compaq 100B Base Model Small Form Factor PC

HP Compaq 100B Small Form Factor PC

HP Compaq 100B Small Form Factor PC (ENERGY STAR)

HP Compaq D315 Desktop PC

HP Compaq dx1000 Base Model Microtower PC

HP Compaq dx1000 Microtower PC

HP Compaq CQ2000 Desktop PC series

HP Compaq CQ2100 Desktop PC series

HP Compaq CQ2200 Desktop PC series

HP Compaq CQ2300 Desktop PC series

HP Compaq CQ2400 Desktop PC series

HP Compaq CQ2500 Desktop PC series

HP Compaq Deskpro /E Desktop PC series

HP Compaq Deskpro /I Desktop PC series

HP Compaq Deskpro /L Desktop PC series

HP Compaq Deskpro /M Desktop PC series

HP Compaq Deskpro /N Desktop PC series

HP Compaq Deskpro /S Desktop PC series

HP Compaq Desktop Gaming PCs

HP Compaq Desktop PCs

HP Compaq Evo Desktop PCs

HP Compaq iPAQ PCs

HP Compaq Presario Desktop PCs

HP Compaq ProLinea PCs

HP Compaq ProSignia PCs

HP Elite Desktop PCs

HP All-in-One Desktop PCs

HP Blade PCs

HP Brio PCs

HP Business Desktop PCs

HP Chromebox Home

HP Compaq Business Desktop PCs

HP Desktop PCs

HP e-PCs

HP ENVY Desktop PCs

HP HDX Desktop PCs

HP Media Center Desktop PCs

HP Pavilion Desktop PCs

HP Spectre Desktop PCs

HP Stream Home Desktop PC

HP TouchSmart Desktop PCs

HP Vectra 500 PCs

HP Vectra PCs (QS/386/486)

HP Vectra PCs

And ohters

HP Drivers for Laptops

HP 500 Notebook PCs

HP Chromebook

HP Compaq Notebook PCs

HP EliteBook Notebook PCs

HP ENVY Notebook PCs

HP ENVY x360 Home Notebook PCs

HP G Notebook PCs

HP HDX Notebook PCs

HP Home Notebook PCs

HP Compaq Armada Notebook PCs

HP Compaq Concerto PCs

HP Compaq Contura PCs

HP Compaq Evo Notebook PCs

Compaq LTE PCs

HP Compaq Mini PCs

HP Compaq Notebook PCs

HP Compaq Portable PCs

HP Compaq Presario Notebook PCs

HP Compaq ProSignia Notebook PCs

HP Compaq SLT PCs

HP Mini PCs

HP Notebook PCs

HP OMEN Home Notebook

HP OmniBook Notebook PCs

HP Pavilion Notebook PCs

HP Pavilion x360 Home Notebook PCs

HP ProBook Notebook PCs

HP SlateBook Home Notebook PCs

HP Special Edition Notebook PCs

HP Spectre Notebook PCs

HP Stream Home

HP Stream Pro Notebook PCs

HP Stream x360 Home

HP TouchSmart Notebook PCs

HP x2 PCs

Rugged Notebook PCs

Ultrabook and Sleekbook


Voodoo Notebook PCs

Drivers for HP notebooks.

And ohters

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