How to Fix Installing Graphics Driver Crashed Computer Windows 10/11/8

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A driver is a software that allows the computer to communicate with hardware devices. Without drivers, the devices you connect to your computer—for example, a mouse or external hard drive—won't work properly. Windows can automatically check if there are drivers available for new devices that connect to the computer.

And of cause, drivers updated, drivers dropped off, drivers not compatible with the hardware will cause many problems to the computer.

For example, a sound card driver missing causes a computer without any sound, a GPU driver missing or out dated will cause computer black screen, restart automatically, or shut down, etc.

Among so many drivers, the graphics card driver has the greatest impact on the computer:

1. When the Windows system is running, it will freeze, but it will not crash;

2. When playing the game, it runs very unsmooth or even unable to enter the game;

3. When running PS or video processing software, the computer program runs slowly;

4. System inexplicably blue screen

5. Installing an incompatible graphics card driver causes the computer freezing

To solve the crashing of computer, you should install a suitable graphics card driver.

Here summarized several solutions for fixing Installing graphics Driver Crashed Computer issue:

Solution1. Rollback Driver

Solution2. Download Driver Talent

Solution3. Enter Safe Mode

Solution4. Disable Graphics Card

Solution5. Enter the BIOS

Solution1. Rollback Driver

If your computer still turns on after restarting, it's not a serious problem. After turn on the computer, you can rollback the driver to a former version, following these steps and try to rollback the driver:

1. Press WIN+X at the same time/right click the taskbar, and Enter into Device Manager

2. Choose the Display Adaptor

3. Right click the graphics card device

4. Choose properties

5. On the Driver Tab, select Rollback Driver, and press OK

6. Follow the pop-up instructions

If the driver can not be rolled back to former version, you can jump to solution2.

Solution2. Download Driver Talent

If you are encounter computer crashing problems for the first time and you have no idea how to deal with this issue, you can download a third-party software---Driver Talent to assist with driver problems.

If you are not familiar with computer application settings or modifications. It is recommended that you download a third-party driver software, Driver Talent, so as not to make your computer worse.

Driver Talent is a free software for those who affected by driving issues. Thousands of drivers are configured in the software, suitable for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, is also suitable for desktop and laptop.

Sometimes the driver automatically downloaded by the computer does not solve the problem. For this stubborn driver problem, Driver Talent provides various driver versions for download, unlike other driver updater providing the latest version for choose.

Before using, uninstall the driver of the computer first, and then download it with the Driver Talent. If one version of the driver does not work, then continue to download another version.

Click the blue inverted triangle, you can choose a former version driver to download, which can solve the computer crashing. And with this software, you can update other drivers, no need to fix the driver problem after computer crashing or blue screen appear.

Download Driver Talent

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Solution3. Enter Safe Mode

If the computer freezes as soon as the graphics card driver is installed, the mouse, task manager, etc. do not respond, and the black screen starts after a forced shutdown, it is useless to start it up. You can enter safe mode by pressing F8 while booting, and keep pressing F8 until the advanced options appear.

Then select Safe Mode to enter Safe Mode, right-click Computer Properties, Device Manager.

Double-click the display adapter, right-click the graphics card model and click Uninstall.

After uninstalling the driver, you can enter the system desktop normally, and then reinstall other versions of the graphics card driver.

How to install other version of graphics card driver?

1. Use Driver Talent

2. Download online

Launching driver Talent is the safest way to change another driver. If you get into device manger and update the driver by the operating system, the computer may install the same incompatible driver and the computer shut down again.

Solution4. Disable Graphics Card

The graphics card is damaged. When the driver is not installed, the system will not call the faulty device, so it will not cause a fault. Once the driver is installed, the hardware failure will cause a crash or a blue screen. The solution is to shield the faulty graphics card and install a new PCI sound card or USB sound card.

Solution5. Enter the BIOS

Restore the default value of the motherboard, press DEL to enter the BIOS, and then select LOAD SETUP DEFAULTS, that's it.

You can also have a jumper near the battery on the motherboard, short it, if you can't find the jumper, you can remove the battery on the motherboard for a few minutes and put it back on.

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