Keyboard typing randomly? Windows11,10,8

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In any case, some scary ghost stories will happen in out computers---mouse and keyboard running randomly. For example, key board typing without anyone press on it which you can not type correctly and you can not stop its typing.

But don’t worry, it is not a horrible story happen in real life but it is something wrong with your computer or devices.

Here are five common problems and solutions for you to deal with this situation.

Why keyboard typing randomly?

1. keyboard malfunction

2. Driver too old

3. keyboard device/driver failure

4. Sticky keys is able

5. Update Windows

Solution 1 Reconnecting

Sometimes, reconnecting the keyboard does the trick.

This is one of the easiest solutions: unplug the keyboard from the computer, make sure the cables and USB ports are not damaged, wipe the port, and plug it back into the computer to see if this helps you fix the keyboard issue.

If it fails, please continue:

1. Have you ever eaten or drunk beside your computer desk? How long have you cleaned your keyboard? Are there any snack pieces that cause the keyboard keys to fail? It is also possible that the keyboard is malfunctioning due to the aging of the keyboard.

Use Keyboard&Test test to check if there is any little object interference on the keyboard that leads to loss of control. The method of using this software is very simple, there’s no need to say more, if the keyboard is malfunctioning due to little objects, you can just clean the keyboard. If so, please clean the keyboard in time.

2. Something wrong with the connector: Automatic typing may arise as the reason the keyboard connector is wrong connected. The easiest method is: Unplug Your keyboard and then reconnected it.

Plug the keyboard into another computer, if it works normally, there is a problem with the original computer


If there is a problem with your computer, try the following two methods:

Solution 2 Download Driver Talent

Launch Driver Talent and scan your computer. It will show you all drivers needed to be updated on the list.

Driver Talent provides stable performance and thousands of drivers for free so You can download and install the most suitable driver for your computer system in a fast and easy way.

Download Driver Talent


Solution 3 Keyboard troubleshooter

Keyboard troubleshooter is a repair software for the system's own configuration. The address positioning of Windows 11 and Windows 10 is not the same, but they both have.

Tip: If the keyboard cannot be used normally and the keys cannot be pressed, you can use the soft keyboard.

Please run the Keyboard troubleshooter as following steps(for Windows 10):

1. Press Win + I enter the Windows Settings

2. Select the Update and Security option

3. Choose the Troubleshoot option from the left, and click the Keyboard option.

4. Click Run the troubleshooter button and then, your system will scan automatically for issues with the connected keyboard.


Please run the Keyboard troubleshooter as following steps(for Windows 11):

1. Press the right mouse button on the desktop and click the display setting

2. Search for Keyboard troubleshooter in the upper right corner of the page


3. Click the run button to automatically scan your computer.


These two systems are in the same way to operation, the differences between them are the entrances.

Another method with the same approach but the same result:

Do not install third-party software, manually uninstall the computer keyboard driver, and then active, the computer will automatically install the keyboard driver. After restarting the computer, there is a high probability that the computer problem can be repaired.

But it can also fail.

Please uninstall the computer keyboard driver by following steps:

1. Press Windows + X and select Device Manager


2. Under Device Manager, right click on your keyboard device/driver and select Uninstall.


3. Scan for hardware changes.

4. Close Device Manager and reboot.


Solution 4: Sticky Keys Should Enabled

Make sure the sticky keys feature is enabled otherwise it may cause keyboard typing issues.

You can press Win+I to enter the Settings window and find out Ease of Access option(Windows 10).

Second, select the Keyboard option from the left (windows 10)

Last, find out the Sticky Key feature and make sure it is disabled.

In Windows11, choose the accessibility option in the Settings window.

And then, select the Keyboard option from the left panel and change the state to off.


Solution 5 Update Windows system

After all these methods are not helpful, you can check if your windows firmware is outdated, which makes keyboard typing randomly might appear.

Follow these steps and update your system:

1. Press Win + I enter the Settings window

2. Select the Window Update option(or Update and Security option)


Hope this helps! If you have any computer problems, you can feel free to contact us, we are very honored to help you.

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