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Has your computer experienced problems such as automatic restart, crash, black screen, and sudden no sound? Computer problems are often a problem with the driver, either the driver should be updated, or uninstalled and reinstalled. As for the drivers, it is best to back them up to avoid problems with the computer after the computer settings are changed.

Before talking about why you need to back up driver, let’s first understand what a computer driver is.

What is computer driver?

The computer driver is to initialize and configure the hardware to realize the reception and transmission of hardware data.

Take the printer as an example, a computer and a printer are not integrated and need to be connected by cables. After connected, the computer does not know what the printer is and what it can do, so a driver (which includes configuration information) is needed to explain to the computer what the printer is and what it can do.

The driver is the translator that connects the computer system and hardware.


Research has shown most games updated the graphics card driver will hardly improve game performance. So it is unnecessary to update the graphics card driver frequently. However, if the graphics card driver is lost and the game experience deteriorates, it can be repaired by updating, uninstalling, and reinstalling. The new version of the driver will not improve the hardware peripherals' performance much, and sometimes it will cause some unstable factors.

When to Update Drivers?

A driver is a program allows the hardware to work on an operating system. There are two keywords: hardware and operating system. In other words, even if the hardware does not change and the operating system changes, the driver must also change accordingly. For example: the operating system has been updated to provide some new hardware access methods with faster speed, so the driver needs to be updated to match and make the hardware run better; the operating system has discarded some APIs, and some hardware access methods are not supported. The driver should also be changed accordingly to adapt to this change. In addition, it is impossible to write the driver program without bugs at one time. Even if there are no bugs, there is still room for optimization. Therefore, there are always people who hope to improve the quality of the program, so they keep releasing new versions.

Therefore, if you have not upgraded the system, reinstalled the system, or downloaded new games, it is not necessary to update the driver.

Although some drivers remind you to upgrade, it is recommended to seek stability here. The latest one may not be the best, nor may it be the most suitable, and new problems may appear after the upgrade. The selection of the driver version needs to work with the system stably.

Drivers Causing Problems

Many people will choose to reinstall the system when there is a problem with the computer. There are many benefits to reinstalling the system on the computer, for example, when the memory of the C drive is full, freezes, or often blue screens, the system can be fully restored after the installation. Reinstalling the computer system is equivalent to rebirth. Of course, new problems may arise in the same time, and it is more troublesome to deal with them.

The most typical is that if you can not connect to the Internet or make a sound, the hardware will not be damaged due to the system installation. Match again.

That's why new problems appeared after reinstalling the system.


Graphics card driver problems generally cause:

1. The computer cannot be turned on normally, and the host computer is running, but the screen is in a dark state

2. The display screen is weird and the resolution is abnormal, resulting in blurred or distorted images

3. The display is delayed, and the frequent occurrence of "stuck" is actually caused by image delay

Problems with the sound card driver usually cause: the computer cannot hear the sound, and the microphone fails.

Generally, if there is a problem with the computer, such as the driver needs to be upgraded, the network cannot be connected, and there is no sound, it can detect it.

Problems with the network card driver usually cause: a computer cannot connect to the network.

Problems with the network USB driver usually cause: the device does not respond, and the device fails from time to time.

But now, you are already known what is driver and what trouble they will cause, you can use Driver Talent to help.

Driver Talent For Free

Once launch Driver Talent, you can check the computer driver’s situation for only one click, and it will show you all drivers on list, which provides various different versions for download. That means you can download the version you need instead of download the newest drivers. It is other third-part driver updater can not do.

What is more, Driver Talent can back-up and restore drivers, by which you can fix your driver program after reinstalled operating system.

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