Top 4 Ways to Stop Installing Old Drivers(Intel & AMD) Windows 11

Mar. 08, 2023 / Updated by Renata to Windows Driver Solutions


An E-mail from User A: I installed the latest Intel drivers which are from Intel’s website and it keeps reverting the driver to the 2019 version for months and no matter how I uninstalled it.

Many users have mailed me the same problem that their computers keep installing old-time drivers which are not suitable for their system Windows 11. Referring to what they said, this happened after updating the driver(Intel & AMD) to the newest version, which results in the graphics card to start having problems. Although this does not affect the use of the computer, it is annoying enough.

While constantly receiving emails, I also collected some countermeasures to solve this problem.

Top 4 ways to stop Windows 11 from installing Old Drivers:

Solution 1. Launch Driver Talent

Solution 2. View advanced system settings

Solution 3: Change adapter settings

Solution 4: Uninstall Drivers by yourself

Solution 5. Methods for Pro and Enterprise Edition Windows 11

Solution 1. Launch Driver Talent

You can follow the below method to fix the installing old drivers problem:

Launch Driver Talent, an automatically scanning and download drivers Tool.

Download Driver Talent


How convenient is this thing? You only need to download and install(for free), and the software will automatically scan all the driver problems of the computer within 30 seconds. You can choose to install any version of the driver, and you can even save the old version of the driver, or uninstall the unnecessary driver.


Drivers backup and uninstall

Why do I need backup driver software?

Just like the driver is automatically replaced with the old version, the first three solutions are troublesome and not necessarily successful.

In the worst case, the system needs to be reinstalled.

But if you have backed up the latest driver in advance, even if a series of driver problems appear in the subsequent update system, you can immediately reinstall the driver you backed up to avoid problems with the operation of the computer.

Download Driver Talent


After backup your needed drivers you can restore them.

restore driver1.png

What is more

Driver Talent also has DTC Clean Function

It can clean up unnecessary, discarded, old, and long-standing cache and driver information in the hard disk.

In this way, you can not only solve the problem of automatic driver updates but also clean up the computer and leave more memory to run other programs, which makes you computer clean and run faster.

gaming turnoff-DTCcleanup.png

Solution 2. View advanced system settings

Preventing installing old drivers through the computer's configuration system settings is the fastest way, but few people know it. Here’s the method:

Step1. Type Windows+S together

Search the advanced keyword in the opening window, the first option View Advanced System Settings is what we need.


Step2. Find Hardware Tab

Enter the Advanced System Settings and find the Hardware Tab, and then choose Device Installation Settings and click on OK as in the following pic.


Step3.Choose No

On the Device installation settings, choose the second option(your device might not work as expected) and save changes.


Step4. Rebooting your system

Solution 3. Change adapter settings

How to use the second method to prevent the automatic update of the driver from the computer itself? That is to change the display adapters set.

Step1. Press Win+X together and choose Device Manager


Step2. Enter the main page


Step3. Find Display Adapters options

Choose your Graphics Card from the sub-menu and then right-click it


Step4. Click the last properties

Scroll down to choose the Roll Back Driver option and click on OK to allow the progress.

Click the driver tab and enter the page of setting.

Choose Roll Back Driver and Click OK(if the device fails after updating the driver, roll back to the previously installed driver)


Step5. Restart and check whether it works or not

Solution 4: Uninstall Drivers by yourself

Step1. Press Win+X together and choose Device Manager

Step2. Enter the main page

Step3. Find Display Adapters options

Choose your Graphics Card from the sub-menu and then right-click it

The same 3 steps as solution3.

Step4. Choose uninstall device


Step5. Wait for the procedure to take effect and reboot

Solution 5: Methods for Pro and Enterprise Edition Windows 11

If the above two methods failed to fix the installing old drivers issue and your computer is Pro and Enterprise Edition Windows 11 or any of these two variants, then congratulations, there is another convenient solution.

Here’s the method, please follow what I wrote.


Press Win+R to open the Run box

Type gpedit.msc and tap Enter



On the Local Group Policy Editor page, find out according to the following path:

Tip: When operating on the right page, you need to double-click to open



Computer Configuration

Administrative Templates

Windows Components

Windows Update

Manage Updates offered from Windows Updates

Out from the Windows Update entry in the left panel

double-click the following

Do Not Include Drivers with Windows Update


Step3. Enabled and Apply

Step4. Restart your computer

Rebooting your computer, check if the settings are applied and if the problems have solved.


Hope all these methods could help.

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