How to Fix Wireless&Bluetooth Mouse Not Working Windows 10

Mar. 09, 2023 / Updated by Renata to Windows 10

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In order to make the desktop more tidy, more and more people use wireless or Bluetooth mouse.

What are the general symptoms of mouse not working problem:

1. The mouse cannot move

2. Slow mouse movement

3. The mouse position is unstable or often drifts for no reason

4. The buttons do not work and do not response to commands

5. Works but occasionally fails

First of all, if your mouse out of control and it uses batteries as energy sources, you can check whether the batteries are run out of power before considering other solutions.

In order to solve these problems, there are several solutions as reference:

Solution1. Restart PC

Solution2. Update Driver

Solution3. Reinstall Driver

Solution4. Turn Off Power Saving Mode

Solution5. Antivirus Software

Solution1. Restart PC

If the wireless mouse does not respond, it may be caused by the motherboard not being powered on. If the fault is resolved after restarting the computer, the faulty is caused by the motherboard without power.

Secondly, you should check the USB insert port: check whether the USB interface is loose, whether it works normally after inserting the USB interface, and finally re-plug it. If you insert the front USB interface, it may be that the front USB interface is not in good contact and the mouse and keyboard do not respond. Because the connection between the front USB interface and the motherboard may be wrong.

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Solution2. Update Driver

If the wireless/Bluetooth mouse is new launch to the computer but still not working, it maybe the Bluetooth Driver is outdated.

If you are not familiar with computer application settings or modifications. It is recommended that you download a third-party driver software, so as not to make your computer worse.

Driver Talent is a free software for those who affected by driving issues. Thousands of drivers are configured in the software, suitable for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, is also suitable for desktop and laptop.

Once launch, it will scan the computer automatically and show you all drivers problems on list. If you are troubled by various driver issues, Driver Talent is the best software for you.

Download Driver Talent



If you use a Wireless/Bluetooth mouse on a desktop computer without a Bluetooth wireless connection module, you can plug the Bluetooth mouse matching receiver into the USB port on the back of the computer. The Bluetooth mouse can be used after finishing.

Solution3. Reinstall Driver

After replacing the mouse, the driver file of the previous mouse has not been uninstalled cleanly, you can uninstall the USB driver:

Move1. Download Driver Talent, you can easily find the USB driver file and uninstall it, then reinstall it.

With this software, you can update outdated devices and back-up as well, as restore the drivers as you need. In order to avoid driver problems in the future, you can also reinstall the problematic driver immediately, So that you do not need to check what is going on with computer drivers and update them manually.

Download Driver Talent



It is also available for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and is also suitable for desktop as well as laptop computers.

Move2. Uninstall Driver by yourself:

Step 1. Press WIN+X at the same time, and Enter into Device Manager

Step 2. Choose the USB driver or Bluetooth Driver

Step 3. Click the Uninstall Driver

Step 4. Click the Action tab - scan for hardware changes

On Windows 10 system, the uninstalled driver would install by system automatically, finished the 4 steps you can restart the computer.

Move3. Uninstall Driver by yourself(another path):

Step 1. Press Windows Key + R and then type devmgmt.msc in the Run dialog box.

Step 2. Click OK to open Device Manager.

Step 3. On the Device Manager window, locate Mice and other pointing device and expand it.

Step 4. Find the wireless mouse, highlight it and press Delete on your keyboard.

Step 5. When prompted to confirm, press Enter to uninstall your mouse driver on your system.

Step 6. Reboot your computer after the uninstall.

Solution4. Turn Off Power Saving Mode

If the wireless/Bluetooth mouse has no response, it may caused by the Power Saving Mode of Windows system. When the user didn’t use the computer for a long time, the computer will enter the hibernation state.

When the user wakes up the computer again, some motherboards will fail to wake up from the USB interface after the hibernation is over. Due to design reasons and material saving. In this case, the user can restart the computer to solve the problem that the USB mouse cannot be recognized due to this reason. After restarting, you should disable the USB device sleep (suspend) in the power options of the control panel to avoid the problem.

Solution5. Antivirus Software

In the end, your computer might be attacked by virus. You can reboot your computer, during the opening press F8 and enter to the safe mode. Then download an antivirus software to scan the computer, which may fix the problem.

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