How to Repair Code 19 “Windows cannot start this hardware device” Error

Jun. 24, 2022 / Updated by Daphne to Windows 10

As we all know, there are too many reasons why the computer can't make a sound. Sometimes we don't even know where the problem is. This is very annoying, such as the fault of sound card error code 19 on Windows 10.Error code 19, the full error message is “Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged(Code 19) ”. For details on how to detect whether the computer has an error code of 19, see:

How to fix the fault of sound card error code 10 on On desktop computer

How to fix the fault of sound card error code 19 on desktop computer

In this guide, you will learn how to deal with the problem that Realtek sound card driver installation fails with a failure code of 19. Just follow the simple steps below and you can easily identify the problem yourself. It can help you quickly solve audio problems. Please follow us to help you solve all annoying problems.

Way 1. Install the Best-matched Sound Driver on Windows 10

When you got this no sound issue on you computer, the first and also the most important step is to check if the sound driver is compatible with Windows 10 and then install a well-matched driver. We've seen some users have installed the audio driver from the OEM or sound card manufacturer but it still doesn't work. This is because the driver you install is not working properly.

To solve this issue, try Driver Talent. This tool can help to check if the audio driver is the main problem, and install the best-matched audio driver that can work properly on your Windows 10.

Driver Talent contains all the official sound drivers to install from OEM and sound card manufacturers in the database, and it can intelligently find the best matched driver and then download and update sound drivers for your Windows 10 PC.

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Step 1. Launch Driver Talent. Click Scan to fully check whether your computer has related driver problems

DT scan.jpg

Step 2. After the scanning, click the Repair or Update to download and install the best-match audio drivers.

driver status.jpg

Step 3. Restart to make the driver changes take effect.

Note:Backup all the important drivers before any changes in case other system issues occur.

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Way 2. Delete the computer's registry and restart the computer.

If you still cannot install the driver after going through the drive talent, the most likely cause is a problem with your system.

Step1. Search registry editor in the computer, find computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E96C-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} step by step.

Step 2. When you find the target folder, delete the “UpperFilters” item or “lowerfilter” item.

Step 3. The problem is solved after restarting the computer.


Way 3. Upgrade directly to Windows 10 system

When the first two steps cannot solve the problem of error code 19, the last solution at this time is to reinstall the system. If your computer is not the latest version of Windows 10, please upgrade to the latest version. If you have already upgraded to the latest Windows 10, then please reinstall Windows 10. Of course, reinstalling the system will face the risk of losing the existing drivers, so you need to use our drive talent’s drive backup function to ensure that your computer can still run normally after reinstallation.

All of the above are the possible best solutions to fix the fault of sound card error code 19 on Windows 10. Also, you can share your own methods by comment if you know any solution of this problem. Any other Windows 10 sound issues, please click the LEFT MENU buttons on this page or go to Windows 10 section on this site for more help.

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