How to Fix MSVCR120.dll Missing Error on Windows OS

Jun. 24, 2022 / Updated by Helia to Gaming Solutions

“The program can't start because MSVCR120.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.” This is one of the common .dll missing issues you may encounter during the game loading or the using of certain function on a program. Sometimes you may also receive an error message like “This application failed to start because MSVCR120.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

DLL is short for the dynamic-link library. .dll files are necessary for the running of C++ Redistributable Package and they work like the .exe files but they are often shared by many programs. If there are missing or corrupted MSVCR***.dll or MSVCP***.dll files, you won’t be able to launch games or other programs in the C, C++ and C++/CLI programming languages. MSVCR120.dll is the corresponding C++ library. If MSVCR120.dll is missing, the games or programs will stop working.


Top 3 Ways to Fix MSVCR120.dll Missing Error on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP

This post will show you top 3 methods to fix the missing MSVCR120.dll on Windows OS. It’s necessary to note that one of the methods below requires you to be intermediate and skillful on Windows inner working. If you are not that experienced, it is recommended you refer to the automated ways provided below. Now let’s begin.

Way 1. Download and Install MSVCR120.dll Files Manually

You can manually download the MSVCR120.dll files from the Internet. Open your search engine like Google to perform a searching. There are many sites that provide the .dll file downloads. After that you can follow the step below to import the files:

Step 1. If you’re going to run your games on a Windows 32-bit computer, then you need to copy the MSVCR120.dll file to C:\Windows\system32 (some may be C:\WINDOWS\system32).

But if it’s a Windows 64-bit PC, you need to be more careful. There should be two MSVCR120.dll files: the 32-bit one should be copied to C:\Windows\SysWOW64, and the 64-bit one should be in C:\Windows\System32. Make sure the 32-bit file is in the 64-bit folder while the 64-bit file in the 32-bit one.


Step 2. Use Windows shortcuts keysWin + R to launch Run. And then type regsvr32 msvcr120.dll into the box and hit the Enter. This will help to remove the notice of the missing error.

Pay attention to the websites where you download the files in case malware or virus infect your computer. You can also go to Microsoft official site and search for the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package downloads.

Way 2. Fix the MSVCR120.dll Missing Error with Professional Utility

Though download the MSVCR120.dll files from the Internet is a workable method, for those who have very little knowledge of the inner workings of Windows, it’s quite a tough way to fix the error. Moreover, it takes a pretty long time to download the package from Microsoft. In case your computer occurs issues like slow boot, endless reboot, high RAM usage, etc. you can use a professional utility, Driver Talent, to automatically download and install the MSVCR120.dll for the computer.

Download Now

You can get the MSVCR120.dll files as well as other MSCVR***.dll/MSVCP***.dll files with just one click via Driver Talent. Here’s how it works.

Step 1. Do a Scan with Driver Talent and it will automatically detect all the missing .dll files or other missing game components on your computer.


Step 2. Go to the Toolbox menu, and click the DLL Files Helper button. Then you could search the .dll file you need.


Step 3. Select the search result. Click Install or Repair button to load the file to the folder. Then restart the computer to make the changes take effects.

Note: If you have other problems when launching your games, such as games not showing in full screen, Games not running or noise in games, you can go to the PC Repair in the Toolbox for solutions.

Above are the top 2 ways for fixing the .dll file missing error on your Windows computer. Hope this article can be a reference for you to fix the issue after installing appropriate MSVCR120.dll files. If you have any question of download the MSVCR120.dll file and fix the missing error, you can comment below or click the LEFT MENU on this page for more help. Any other gaming-related issues, please see Game Solutions on this site.

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