Why computer shows black screen?

Jun. 16, 2022 / Updated by Gavin to Windows 11

If your Windows screen turns black from time to time in daily using and you are wondering what's going on, here are 8 common reasons why the computer shows black screen.

Reason 1: System failure

The missing part or damage to the system will cause the computer to turn up with a black screen. At this time, the most direct and effective way is to reinstall the system. And sometimes the BIOS' s incorrect setting could also lead to the problem of black screen. The suggestion is to check your BIOS system settings first, then reinstall the computer system. But do remember to back up the important files in your C-Drive.

Reason 2: Hard disk damage

Hard disk damage will directly affect the computer's system display. Physical damage often causes the computer screen to turn black. If so, the solution is to replace the hard disk.

Reason 3: Power supply breakdown

Power supply damage could lead to other computer hardware being unable to get enough power. Let's say if the GPU can't get enough power supply then the protection program would stop the system from booting. The solution is to check whether the power plug is plugged in completely and whether the monitor is plugged into the correct graphics card slot.

Reason 4: Graphic drivers failure

The missing of graphic driver could also lead to flashing black screen issue. If your screen is flashing and not totally turn black, you can try to download a driver updating tool, Driver Talent, to fix this issue.

Step 1. Click "Download Now" below to download Driver Talent Newest Edition.

Download Now

Step 2. After finishing the downloading and installing, launch Driver Talent and click “Scan”. Then Driver Talent will automatically check your missing graphic driver and install it.

how to fix a computer black screen

Step 3. Restart the computer to make the graphic driver take effect.

my computer black screen

Reason 5: Motherboard failure

Motherboard damage leads to a situation that other computer hardware can not exchange information, and that the computer can not work properly. The solution is to replace the motherboard.

Reason 6: Contact failure

Computer hardware contact faults, especially the contact faults of the graphics card, memory card, and GPU, cause that the computer can not properly form a complete working circuit. And eventually, it would cause the failure of computer normally starting.

A lot of time, these contact faults are caused by dust. What we need to do is to take down the hardware and clean it up, such as cleaning up the memory sticks and then re-installing it.

Reason 7: CPU fan failure

Check your CPU fan to see whether there is too much dusk on it. If so take it down and clean it. What’s more, the fan will constantly slow down after years of running which impedes the CUP cooling. In this case, consider changing the old fan to a new one.

Reason 8: Unsuitable placing causing over heat

Sometimes black screen issues are also related to the heat dissipation of the computer. If you go to the computer room you will find it very cool inside the room. That is because the machine running will produce heat yet the computer needs to be maintained in a good environment for cooling, and so is the laptop. Therefore it is advised to avoid placing your computers/laptops on soft objects such as sofas and fluffy cushions.

The above are the reasons and fixes for the desktop/laptop black screen issue. Hopefully, you find this article helpful. If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, you are welcome to leave a message below.

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