How to Fix “Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working” in Windows 10

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“I usually get the annoying error message saying that Internet Explorer has stopped working when I launch the Internet Explorer 11 in my Windows 10 computer. How can I get rid of this issue? It is really intolerable.” -From Microsoft Forum


Though Internet Explorer is a pretty stable browser on Windows system, there are still some issues users may encounter when they are using it. A lot of Internet Explorer users reported that their IE often crashed or froze suddenly with the error message of “Internet Explorer has stopped working”, especially after a Windows update like Windows 10 April 2018 Update 1803 and Windows 10 Creators Update 1703. According to the research, this issue may be caused by faulty .dll files, corrupted video/graphics drivers and even a problematic plug-in. This post aims to tell users how to fix “Internet Explorer has stopped working” in Windows 10. If you are also bothered by this issue, read on to try the workarounds described below.

Workaround 1. Reset the Internet Explorer to Troubleshoot the Issue

To fix the Internet Explorer not working issue, the first recommended workaround is to reset the Internet Explorer. Here are 2 ways available for you to reset the Internet Explorer.

Way 1. Reset the Internet Explorer in Internet Explorer

Step 1. Launch Internet Explorer and click the gear icon icon-internet-explorer-has-stopped-working-windows-10.png in the top-right corner of the window.

Step 2. Select Internet options from the pop-up menu.


Step 3. Locate the Advanced tab and choose Reset.


Step 4. Check “Delete personal settings” and then click Reset in the pop-up window.


Step 5. Reboot your computer to let the change take effect.

Way 2. Reset the Internet Explorer through Control Panel

Step 1. Type “control panel” in the search bar to open Control Panel.

Step 2. Select Network and Internet.


Step 3. Click Internet Options.


Step 4. Locate the Advanced tab and choose Reset.

Step 5. Check “Delete personal settings” and then click Reset in the pop-up window.

Step 6. Reboot your computer to let the change take effect.

Note: Don’t forget to back up your important data before you reset the Internet Explorer.

Workaround 2. Find and Delete the Faulty .Dll File

If the “Internet Explorer has stopped working” error still exists after you reset the Internet Explorer, the second workaround you can try is to find and delete the faulty .dll file which is causing the issue. Do as follows.

Step 1. Right click This PC and select Manage.

Step 2. Double click Event Viewer, and then double click the Windows Logs under it as well.


Step 3. Find Application under the Windows Logs and click it. Then you can see a long list of logs on the right side.

Step 4. Locate the related error which was generated and logged when Internet Explorer stopped working. Then go to the Details tab at the bottom, and you can find the name of the related .dll file.


Step 5. Reboot your computer in Safe Mode, then search the .dll file in your computer and delete it.

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Workaround 3. Repair or Update Your Video/Graphics Drivers

If you encountered the “Internet Explorer has stopped working” error message when you were watching videos or browsing pictures in Internet Explorer, it might be caused by the corrupted video/graphics drivers. Therefore, you need to repair or update the video/graphics drivers. Refer to the posts below:

If you don’t know how to detect your drivers or can’t find the suitable drivers for your OS, you’d better choose a reliable driver update utility like Driver Talent. It has a free trial version and is easy to operate. It can detect your problematic drivers within a few seconds and then repair them. It is also able to automatically download and install the best-matched drivers in minutes. Click the download button below to grab Driver Talent right now. Then you can take the following easy steps to resolve the “Internet Explorer has stopped working” issue.

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Step 1. Start the Driver Talent and click the Scan button to detect your computer. All your outdated, corrupt or missing drivers will be listed in seconds.


Step 2. Click Repair to fix your corrupt video/graphics driver or click Update to update them.


Step 3. Restart your computer to let the repair or update take effect.

Don’t hesitate to share your ideas below if you also know how to fix “Internet Explorer has stopped working” in Windows 10. More solutions to other computer issues like microphone not working, no sound and endless reboot loop can be accessed in the Resource module of this site.

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