Lexmark Drivers One-Click Download for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista

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To get Lexmark drivers for a Windows PC, you can try several solutions – Windows Update, the manufacturer’s website manual download, OEM manufacturer manual download, or professional Lexmark driver finder tools. It's highly recommended to use the driver updater utility Driver Talent.

Obviously, manually finding a correct driver for your Lexmark printer or for other Lexmark device is not easy. For many times, Windows Update can’t find a driver, the driver you find from manufacturers can’t be installed correctly, the Lexmark driver is unavailable, or the device is not working even through you’ve installed a driver.

A technical Lexmark driver finder and download utility will help you out. Once you connect a Lexmark printer or other device to the computer, it will help to automatically find a best-matched Lexmark driver to install. You can easily download Lexmark printer drivers, Lexmark x1270 driver, Lexmark drivers for Windows 10, Lexmark x1100 driver, Lexmark x5650 driver, and other Lexmark support drivers.

Use Driver Talent and you can one-click download all Lexmark drivers you need for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server.

Download and install Driver Talent on your laptop, notebook or desktop PC.

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One-Click Lexmark Drivers Download, Install, and Update on Windows OS

The most common Lexmark driver problems result in printers not recognized in computer, printers not printing or printing erratically. Use Driver Talent to fix all the driver issues by downloading and installing the correct Lexmark drivers.

Below are the steps to use Driver Talent to get Lexmark drivers for your Windows OS.

Step 1. Keep Lexmark Printers and other Devices Connected to Computer

Connect your Lexmark printer or other Lexmark devices to the computer either by USB cables or via wireless. Make sure the devices are correctly connected.

Step 2. Download, Install or Update Lexmark Drivers

You don’t need to consider if the driver needs to be just downloaded or just updated. Driver Talent will help to check if the Lexmark device needs a new driver and offer one-click and one-stop buttons to fix the issue.

Run Driver Talent and click “Peripheral” to enter the “Peripheral Drivers” interface. After a quick scan, click “Install”. It will start to find a correct Lexmark driver to install. If the Lexmark printer is connected via wireless, click “Network Printer” to continue.

Lexmark drivers free download

If you are sure you’ve connected the Lexmark device to the computer, but the computer just can’t recognize it, or it doesn’t show in Driver Talent, click “Repair” in the bottom of the interface to fix this issue.

For more peripheral or USB drivers, refer to How to Download USB Drivers for Windows OS.

Step 3. Restart Your Computer

After all the drivers are installed, restart your computer. Most of the Lexmark drivers need a reboot of the computer in order to take effect. Therefore, don’t forget to restart your PC.

restart computer

If you need Lexmark drivers for Mac, try the “Software Update…” feature in the upper left corner of your Apple Mac computer screen.

You can also use this utility to download and install Brother Printer drivers.

The Most Common Lexmark Drivers on PC

Below are parts of the Lexmark drivers you search mostly. You can use Driver Talent to get all of them.

Lexmark drivers for Windows 10

Lexmark drivers for Windows 8.1

Lexmark drivers for Windows 8

Lexmark drivers for Windows 7

Lexmark drivers for Windows XP

Lexmark drivers for Windows Vista

Lexmark drivers for Windows Server

Lexmark printer drivers

Lexmark x4650 drivers

Lexmark ms510dn drivers

Lexmark s405 drivers

Lexmark e460dn drivers

Lexmark x5470 driver

Lexmark 2600 drivers

Lexmark x2670 drivers

Lexmark printer driver Windows 10

Lexmark z25 driver

Lexmark x6100 driver

Lexmark printer driver for Windows 7

Lexmark printer driver Prevail Pro705

Lexmark printer driver for Windows 8

Lexmark x5650 drivers

Lexmark 2500 drivers

Lexmark pinnacle pro901 drivers

Lexmark x75 drivers

Lexmark x1270 driver

Lexmark x8350 driver

Lexmark x1100 driver

Lexmark x6675 driver

Lexmark x2580 driver

Lexmark 5400 driver

Lexmark x4550 driver

Lexmark x2500 driver

Lexmark x4690 driver

Lexmark x1150 driver

Lexmark x1185 driver

Lexmark 1200 driver

Lexmark x3430 driver

Lexmark x2350 driver

Lexmark x7170 driver

Lexmark x4270 driver

Lexmark p4350 driver

Lexmark x2470 driver

Lexmark x7350 driver

Lexmark x2670 driver

Lexmark z600 driver

Lexmark x2480 driver

Lexmark 7300 driver

Lexmark t642 driver

Lexmark x1290 driver

Lexmark t632 driver

Lexmark e120 driver

Lexmark z735 driver

Lexmark e260dn driver

Lexmark x422 driver

Lexmark universal driver

And more Lexmark support drivers

If you encounter any problems about Lexmark drivers download and update, just leave comments below.

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