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If you are looking for Logitech drivers, such as a Logitech webcam driver, a Logitech mouse driver, a Logitech camera driver, a Logitech headset driver, or a Logitech keyboard driver, you are in the right place. In this post, you will learn 3 methods on how to find and download Logitech drivers for Windows OS.

3 Workable Methods to Download Logitech Drivers

You can select one of the 3 options to download Logitech drivers on your laptop, notebook or desktop PC.

Method 1. Windows Update

If the Windows Update is turned on, it will automatically install a driver the first time when you connect your Logitech device to the computer, especially in Windows 10. Make sure you connect the Logitech device to the USB port in the correct way.

However, in many cases you will see that Windows Update can’t find a correct driver for your device, or the driver can’t be installed correctly. That’s a dreadful drawback for Microsoft Windows Update.

Method 2. Manufacturer’s Website

If you know the clear details of the Logitech device, such as the model, you can go to the manufacturer’s website to locate the Logitech driver, manually download the driver to your computer, extract the downloaded driver file, and then install the driver in Device Manager.

Never fuss if you can’t find a Logitech driver in the manufacturer’s website. It’s a common thing that sometimes you won’t locate the exact driver you want. That’s because some Logitech drivers are not available any more in the website. What to do if you can find a driver? See next.

Method 3. Logitech Drivers Download and Update Utility

For most of us, finding a correct driver manually is not easy. That’s why Logitech drivers download and update utilities come. Those tools can instantly detect which drivers you need and quickly install the best-matched drivers for your Logitech devices automatically. If you prefer one-click and one-stop solution tool, try Driver Talent.

This professional utility will help to check all the driver issues and download correct Logitech drivers to install for 64 bit and 32 bit Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server.

Free download and install Driver Talent on your computer.

Download Now

Note: If you are looking Logitech drivers for Mac, try the “Software Update…” feature in the upper left corner of your Apple Mac computer screen.

How to Download, Install and Update Logitech Drivers on Windows OS

In this part we will detail how to use Driver Talent to download, install and update Logitech drivers on your computer.

Step 1. Connect Your Logitech Device to Computer

Keep your Logitech device like a mouse, a keyboard, a webcam, a camera, or a headset connected to the computer. You can connect them via USB cables or through wireless.

Step 2. Download, Install or Update Logitech Drivers

Run Driver Talent and click “Peripheral” to enter the “Peripheral Drivers” interface. After a quick scan, click “Install” to install the Logitech drivers you need. Driver Talent will download a new driver that is best matched for your Logitech device.

To install a wireless printer driver, click “Wireless Printer” to continue.

Logitech drivers free download

If the connected device can’t be recognized by your computer or the device is showing up in the interface of Driver Talent, click “Repair” to fix the driver issue.

You can also install more USB drivers with this utility, as well as other computer hardware drivers in the “Download & Update” tab.

Step 3. Restart Your Computer

Last but not least, you need to restart the computer after all the drivers are installed. This will help to make all changes to take effect.

restart computer

The Most Common Logitech Drivers

Logitech or Logi devices are popular all over the world. Below are parts of the most common Logitech drivers. You can use Driver Talent to get all of them. Contact us with any concerns.

Logitech drivers for Windows 10

Logitech drivers for Windows 8.1

Logitech drivers for Windows 8

Logitech drivers for Windows 7

Logitech drivers for Windows XP

Logitech drivers for Windows Vista

Logitech drivers for Windows Server

Logitech webcam driver

Logitech mouse driver

Logitech keyboard driver

Logitech camera driver

Logitech quickcam driver

Logitech headset drivers

Logitech speakers driver

Logitech m705 driver

Logitech m305 driver

Logitech m510 driver

Logitech g15 driver

Logitech g510 drivers

Logitech cam driver

Logitech m505 driver

Logitech m310 driver

Logitech g930 drivers

Logitech g500 drivers

Logitech mx518 driver

Logitech g19 drivers

Logitech g27 drivers

Logitech unifying driver

Logitech k350 driver

Logitech c920 driver

Logitech g110 drivers

Logitech m325 driver

Logitech g13 drivers

Logitech trackball driver

Logitech k400r driver

Logitech g9x driver

Logitech c910 driver

Logitech g600 drivers

Logitech k360 driver

Logitech g700s drivers

Logitech g430 drivers

Logitech m570 driver

Logitech g502 drivers

Logitech g27 driver

Logitech g35 driver

Logitech k400 driver

Logitech m185 driver

Logitech c170 driver

Logitech c270 driver

Logitech headphone drivers

And more Logitech support drivers

Can't successfully download and update your required Logitech drivers? Leave comments below for assistance.

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