How to Set Up and Use Miracast on a Windows 10 PC

Jun. 24, 2022 / Updated by Bessie Shaw to Windows 10

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  • What Is Miracast

  • Check Whether Miracast Is Supported on Your Windows 10 PC

  • Download and Update Miracast Drivers

  • Set Up and Use Miracast on a Windows 10 PC

  • Want to mirror your Windows 10 PC screen to a TV, a monitor or a projector? You could adopt the Miracast technology to easily achieve it. This article will introduce what is Miracast and how to setup and use Miracast on a Windows 10 PC.


    What Is Miracast

    According to Wikipedia, Miracast is astandard for wireless connections from devices like laptops, tablets, or smartphones, to external displays such as TVs, monitors or projectors, rolled out by the Wi-Fi Alliance. It can roughly be described as "HDMI over Wi-Fi", replacing the cable from the device to the display.

    With Miracast, you could easily create a wireless connection between your Windows 10 computer and any external display devices.

    Check Whether Miracast Is Supported on Your Windows 10 PC

    Outdated device drivers or not Miracast-certified external display device will cause Miracast not working on your Windows 10 PC. Therefore, you need to check whether your Windows 10 PC supports Miracast. Here’s what you need to do.

    Step 1. Press Windows + R at the same time to bring up the Run dialog

    Step 2. Type dxdiag and hit Enter

    Step 3. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool window will appear. Click the Save all Information button at the bottom once the tool finishes collecting all the information about your computer

    Step 4. Save the DxDiag.txt file at your desired location on your computer

    Step 5. Open the DxDiag.txt file and look for Miracast. The availability status of Miracast can be viewed.

    Note: The status of Miracast will be either Miracast is available or Miracast not supported. If it is the former case, your Windows 10 PC screen could be cast to an external display device. And if it is the latter one, you can’t make a wireless connection via Miracast.

    Download and Update Miracast Drivers with Driver Talent

    To check whether your relevant Miracast drivers (such as graphics drivers and Wi-Fi drivers) are outdated or not, you could free download a professional driver updater utility tool like Driver Talent, remarked as the safest and fastest way to update drivers, which could identify your outdated Miracast drivers in seconds and then automatically download and install the most updated version to solve the Miracast not working issue on your Windows 10 PC.

    Click the button below to free download Driver Talent directly.

    Download Now

    Here are only 3 easy steps to use Driver Talent to help you get the most compatible Miracast drivers with your Windows 10 PC easily and quickly.

    Step 1. Click the “Scan” button to scan out your outdated Miracast drivers

    Step 2. Click “Repair” or “Update” to download and install the correct Miracast drivers

    Step 3. Reboot your computer

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  • Set Up and Use Miracast on a Windows 10 PC

    If your external display device is Miracast-supported, you could take the following steps to set up and use Miracast on a Windows 10 PC. Let’s take your TV for an example.

    Step 1. Turn on your TV and connect the external Miracast adapter into the HDMI port.

    Step 2. Open the Start Menu on your Windows 10 PC

    Step 3. Click Settings >Devices >Connected Devices

    Step 4. Click on Add a device and wait for the adapter to appear in the list

    Step 5. Click on the Miracast adapter

    After finishing the above steps, you’ve set up the wireless display through Miracast. And your Windows 10 PC screen will be projected to your TV.

    If you run into any problem about the setup and use of Miracast on a Windows 10 PC, don’t hesitate to comment below. Any other PC issues, like no WiFi, PC slow, no sound, USB not working, Bluetooth not available, mouse and keyboard not working, please check for solutions in the Windows 10 Fix section.


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