Introducing Windows 10 20H1 Preview Build 18990

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Los Angeles, Calif. - September 24th, 2019 - It's Tuesday today. The tech giant Microsoft introduces its latest Windows 10 20H1 (also known as Windows 10 May 2020 Update version 2004) preview build - Build 18990 to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring, which brings a bunch of improvements and bug fixes. Let's take a close look at it.

What’s new in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18990 (20H1)

Windows 10 20H1 Preview Build 18990 comes with some notable new features, including:

Enabling automatic restart for UWP apps

Microsoft introduced a new separate setting to control if registered desktop apps from your previous sign-in session are restarted when signing back in to Windows last month. In Build 18990, in addition to registered desktop apps, when you opt into this setting, the majority of open UWP apps are now also automatically restarted as well. To reduce sign-in time, UWP apps are restarted minimized, in a suspended state, giving Windows and other apps more resources to get started. You can follow these steps to try it out:

Step 1. Access to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options and turn on the “Automatically save my restartable apps when I sign out and restart them after I sign in.” option under Restart apps.

Step 2. Start one or more UWP apps, such as Feedback Hub.

Step 3. Sign out and then sign back into Windows.

UWP apps that were started, such as the Feedback Hub, should restart minimized with a taskbar button.

Improving Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

  • Improved the performance for directory listings in \\wsl$.

  • [WSL2] Injected additional boot entropy. [Github Issue 4461]

  • [WSL2] Fixed Windows interop when using su / sudo commands. [Github Issue 4465]

Updating Xbox Game Bar

Microsoft is roll out an FPS counter and achievement overlay to update Xbox Game Bar. The update will come via the Microsoft Store. Just set focus to your favorite game and press Windows + G to get started.

Note: You may have to be joined to receive Game Bar updates via the Xbox Insider Hub app (under Insider Content) from the Microsoft Store to see this update.

Optimizing Windows 10 PC reset using the cloud

From this build, you will have the ability to reset a Windows 10 PC by downloading a new image from the cloud instead of using the existing Windows files stored on the machine. This can be a more reliable way to reinstall Windows and, depending on internet speed, can be faster as well. To achieve a similar result, previously you would have to download Windows and create a USB stick. But because this is built-in to Windows, it doesn’t require the extra steps of creating a USB stick to do the installation.

For more information about this new feature, please click here.

Improvements and fixes in Windows 10 20H1 Preview Build 18990

  • Fixed an issue where right-clicking on File Explorer’s search box didn’t bring up a context menu that could be used to paste clipboard contents.

  • Updated the default width of the search box in File Explorer to be a little bigger.

  • Fixed an issue impacting Action Center reliability.

  • Fixed an issue resulting in the credentials prompt sometimes not appearing when connecting to certain VPNs from the network flyout, so it said Connecting but never completed the connection.

  • Fixed Magnifier bugs at different DPI levels.

  • Fixed an issue where Magnifier UI wasn’t closing with Alt + F4 keyboard shortcut.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Magnifier window became completely black after switching from lens mode to dock mode.

  • Fixed an issue resulting in Magnifier not working when using the Russian display language.

  • Made it clearer how “Read from here” works in Magnifier.

  • Improved legibility of Magnifier reading highlighting rectangle.

  • Improved reading while in Magnifier Lens mode.

  • Fixed an issue where text cursor indicator sometimes did not appear, even though the setting was enabled.

  • Made the text cursor indicator shapes more legible and aesthetic.

  • Fixed an issue in Narrator where changing the speech rate with the keyboard commands would speak the new rate using the old rate.

  • Fixed Narrator’s whitespace sound.

  • Improved Narrator’s automatic dialog reading experience.

  • Table navigation hotkeys are now allowed when entering a list view to allow one to navigate across columns while using Narrator.

  • Improved the Narrator’s Page Summary dialog by allowing tab and shift-tab to loop around the dialog controls.

  • Narrator will no longer announce notifications from non-focused Chrome webpages.

  • Narrator now announces the current value of the “thumb” in legacy color picker controls.

  • Narrator is now presenting links and play buttons correctly in iTunes.

  • Improved Narrator’s reading experience in Chrome and Firefox. Certain pages could cause Narrator to loop back up to previous content.

  • Narrator is now updating an attached braille display correctly when some XAML controls are expanded.

  • Adjusted the design of the input mode switcher on the taskbar for the Simplified and Traditional Chinese IMEs that the icon glyph was large and blurry.

  • Fixed an issue where some Chinese characters in the Common Standard Chinese Characters dictionary couldn’t be input with the new version of the Simplified Chinese IME.

  • Fixed an issue where, when switching to English input mode and back to Chinese input mode, the punctuations would become Chinese punctuations, even if “Use English punctuations when in Chinese input mode” was enabled with the new version of Simplified Chinese IME.

  • Fixed an issue where the new version of Simplified Chinese IME candidate window would sometimes not appear.

  • Fixed an issue where the new version of the Traditional Chinese Bopomofo IME didn’t show candidates or next phrase candidates on touch keyboard.

  • Fixed an issue where characters typed with the new version of Chinese Traditional IMEs weren’t committed by Enter key when using certain games.

  • Fixed an issue where the legacy language bar didn’t show IME mode icons while using the new version of Japanese IME, Chinese Traditional IME, or Korean IME.

  • Fixed an issue where the new version of Japanese IME wouldn’t reconvert a word pasted from somewhere else by Henkan key.

Known issues in Windows 10 20H1 Preview Build 18990

  • Certain 2D apps (like Feedback Hub, Microsoft Store, 3D Viewer) are incorrectly being treated as having protected content within Windows Mixed Reality. During video capture, these 2D apps block their content from being recorded.

  • When capturing a repro video while filing a bug via Feedback Hub in Windows Mixed Reality, you won’t be able to select Stop video, due to the protected content issue noted above. If you want to submit a repro video, you will need to wait 5 minutes for the recording to time out. If you’d like to file the bug without a repro video, you can close the Feedback Hub window to end the recording and resume filing your bug when you reopen the app in Feedback > Drafts.

  • When viewing Optional drivers in the new section on the Windows Update page, you may notice older drivers showing as available for download. If accepted, they will attempt to install and fail to do so. This is a bug related to revised Windows Update detection logic rather than this new UI. The root cause is understood, and a fix will be available in an upcoming build.

  • Devices configured for dual scan (WSUS and Windows Update) for updates may not be offered new builds in the Fast ring. Selecting Check online for updates from Microsoft Update will scan for updates, but may return with the message, “Your device is up to date.”

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Above is all about Windows 10 20H1 Preview Build 18990. If you are Windows Insiders in the Fast ring, you can get it through Windows Update now. To get more information about Windows updates, please visit the Windows News section on this site.

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