What is the World of Tanks controversy and a troubleshooting guide for fixing World of Tanks Blitz crashes

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"World of Tanks Blitz" is a popular multiplayer online strategy game developed and published by Wargaming.net. Released in 2014, the game aims to provide a high-quality war gaming experience for mobile devices and platforms. It boasts a large player base worldwide and holds a significant position in the mobile gaming market. Players can search for and download the game through the Steam client.


1. Game Modes of World of Tanks

2. Steps for Using the Premium Store in World of Tanks

3. Mod World of Tanks

4. Troubleshooting Guide for World of Tanks Crashes

5. Controversies of World of Tanks

1. Game Modes of World of Tanks:

  • Standard Battles Mode: This is one of the fundamental modes of the game. Two teams confront each other on the battlefield with the goal of destroying all enemy tanks or controlling specific map locations within a limited time.

  • Random Battles: Players can join battles randomly, facing off against other players or AI-controlled tanks. The distinguishing feature of this mode is that the maps, team configurations, and mission objectives are randomly generated.

  • Team Battles: This is an organized team combat mode where players can form their own teams to battle against others. Team battles typically require higher levels of organization and tactics, relying on close cooperation among team members.

  • Personal Missions: The game offers various personal missions for players to challenge themselves with specific goals and requirements. Completing missions rewards players with in-game rewards and achievements.

  • Global Map: This is a global strategic mode where players can join different clans and participate in strategic competitions and territory disputes on a global scale.

  • Special Events: Regularly held special events and competitions with unique rules and rewards that attract players to participate.

2. Steps for Using the Premium Store in World of Tanks:

  • Open the in-game store interface: Typically found in a specific location within the game interface, such as the main menu or a dedicated page within the game.

  • Navigate to the Premium Store: Look for an option or tab labeled "Premium Store" or "Premium Shop" within the store interface. Click or select this option.

  • Browse items: Upon entering the Premium Store, you'll see various virtual items available for purchase, such as premium tanks, special equipment, loot boxes, etc. You can browse these items and view their descriptions, performance, and prices.

  • Select and purchase items: Once you find items of interest, you can click on them to view detailed information. After confirming the items you wish to purchase, follow the prompts on the interface to complete the purchase. Typically, you'll need sufficient virtual currency or use real money to buy virtual currency to complete the transaction.

  • Complete the purchase: Follow the prompts on the game interface to complete the purchase process. This may involve confirming the purchase, selecting a payment method, and entering necessary information.

  • Collect purchased items: Once the purchase is completed, the purchased items will appear in your game account. You can find these items in the corresponding locations within the game and use them as needed.

3. Mod World of Tanks:

The "mod" for World of Tanks refers to modifications or custom content for the game. These modifications are often developed by players in the game community and are used to change the game's appearance, functionality, or user experience.

Some common types of World of Tanks mods include:

  • Graphic enhancements: Mods aimed at improving the game's graphics quality, including higher texture resolutions, improved lighting effects, better special effects, etc.

  • User interface modifications: Mods that change the game's user interface to make it clearer, easier to use, or more personalized. For example, additional information displays, adjustments to the size and position of interface elements, or changes to the appearance and layout of menus.

  • Sound effect modifications: Mods that alter the game's sound effects, including tank engine sounds, gun sounds, explosion sounds, etc.


  • Tactical aids: Mods that provide additional tactical information or assistive features to help players better understand the situation in the game and make better decisions. For example, displaying enemy weak points, calculating hit probabilities, etc.

  • Gameplay adjustments: Mods that modify the game's mechanics or gameplay to change the game's balance or add new content. This may include adding new tanks, modifying the performance of existing tanks, adjusting game modes, etc.

Note: To use mods, players typically need to copy mod files to specific folders in the game and configure them according to the mod's instructions. However, using certain mods may violate the game's terms of use and may result in account bans. Therefore, it's advisable to consult the game's terms of use and exercise caution before using mods.

4. Troubleshooting Guide for World of Tanks Crashes:

1). Update graphics card drivers:

Ensure that your computer has the latest graphics card drivers installed. Use "Driver Talent" to detect and update your computer's drivers to the latest version, ensuring compatibility with World of Tanks. Additionally, you can visit the official websites of graphics card manufacturers (such as NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel) to download and install the latest graphics card drivers.

Download Driver Talent


2). Update operating system:

Ensure that your operating system is up to date. Sometimes, updating the operating system can fix compatibility-related issues with the game.

3). Lower game settings:

Try lowering the game's graphics settings, such as resolution, texture quality, shadows, etc. This can reduce the game's demand on computer resources and sometimes resolve crashing issues.

4). Close background programs:

Close any background programs that may interfere with the game's operation, such as antivirus software, file syncing software, etc. These programs may conflict with the game and cause crashes.


5). Check game file integrity:

In the game launcher, find options such as "Game Settings" or "Game Repair" and perform a check of the game's file integrity. This will ensure that the game files are not corrupted or missing.

6). Clear game cache:

Sometimes, clearing the game's cache files can resolve some crashing issues. Locate and delete cache files in the game folder, then restart the game.

7). Check hardware temperatures:

Check the temperature of your computer hardware (especially CPU and GPU). Overheating can cause system instability and lead to game crashes. Ensure that your computer's cooling system is functioning well and clean of dust.


8). Contact support:

If none of the above methods solve the problem, you can contact the customer support team of World of Tanks for assistance. They may provide more specific solutions or further investigation.

5. Controversies of World of Tanks:

1). Pay-to-win mechanism:

Some players and critics argue that World of Tanks employs a pay-to-win mechanism, where players who spend real money to purchase premium tanks, ammunition, or other in-game advantages gain unfair advantages over those who don't spend money, thus leading to accusations of favoritism towards paying players and disrupting fair competition.

2). Matchmaking system:

Complaints have been raised about the game's matchmaking system, which determines how players are grouped into battle teams. Some players feel that the matchmaking algorithm is unfair, resulting in imbalanced teams in battles where player skills or vehicle strengths are unfairly matched.


3). Grind-to-progress:

The game's progression system and the significant amount of grind required to unlock higher-tier tanks or upgrades without spending money have also been points of contention. Some players find the grindy nature of the game's tasks, especially at higher tiers, to be a barrier to enjoying the game.

4). Pricing of premium content:

Critics have expressed concerns about the pricing and value of premium content in World of Tanks, including premium tanks, account privileges, and in-game items. Some players believe that the prices of premium content are too high and not worth the benefits provided, leading to accusations of overpricing and exploitation of players.

5). Community management:

At times, game developer Wargaming has faced criticism for its handling of community feedback and communication. Issues such as lack of transparency, slow response to player concerns, and controversial decisions regarding game balance or monetization have heightened tensions within the player community.


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