Fix Advanced Display Settings Missing after Windows 10 Creators Update

Jun. 24, 2022 / Updated by Bessie Shaw to Windows 10

The "Advanced display settings" is a handy option in Windows OS which helps us to change the text size or adjust the screen resolution. But after the Windows 10 Creators Update (v1703) or the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, many users find that the "Advanced display settings" is missing from the Settings or the Control Panel, which is extremely inconvenient for the users to make changes on the computer display. You may get stuck on the no advanced display settings problem and complain about that like what the users did on some forums:

"After the Windows 10 Creators Updates, I cannot get access to advanced display settings through Control Panel or Display. This does affect my video projects."

"I was unable to connect my laptop to the TV because there are no more advanced display settings in Settings - Systems - Display."

"I used to be able to change the font size so it'll be easier to read (especially on a 4k laptop screen). But I'm unable to find the display settings after the Windows 10 Creators Update."


The "missing advanced display settings" on the new Windows 10 version does affect the usage of the computer. In this case, you can't get access to the bigger text size, change the color balance or make the picture adjust to the screen. This may also make a further influence on a computer display, like screen flickering issue, full-screen issue, dark screen problem, etc.

It seems the new version has removed the display settings from the Control Panel or the Windows Settings. But in this Windows 10 guide, we'll walk you through a workaround to get your Windows back on track.

How to Fix "Advanced Display Settings" Missing Issue on Windows 10 Creators Update/Fall Creators Update

You can try the solution below to troubleshoot the display settings not available issue:

Step 1. Update the Video/Graphics/Display Drivers for Windows 10 Creators Update/Fall Creators Update

After the Windows 10 Creators Update or the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, your graphics drivers may not be updated to the latest version compatible with the new OS. Then the outdated or incompatible video driver can't work properly as before and causes many display issues, like black screen after the update, ghost touch screen issue, black screen with cursor, etc. So it's necessary to update the display drivers on Windows 10.

You can go to the Device Manager or use the one-click solution – Driver Talent to help to update or repair the Window 10 graphics drivers. Driver Talent offers the latest official and WHQL drivers, which is a remedy to Device Manager when the built-in tool fails to download the driver updates. You can click the button below to get the driver updates directly.

Download Now

Here are 3 easy steps to update the display drivers:

Step 1. Click the Scan button to detect all the faulty video drivers on Windows 10.

Step 2. Click the Update or Repair to download and install the best-match graphics drivers.

Step 3. Perform a restart to make the driver changes take effect.


Note: It’s better to create a system restore point and back up all the drivers before any system changes so that you can easily restore the Windows and the drivers once other serious computer problems occur.

Step 2. Find the Display Settings via Display Adapter Properties

In this step, you can adjust your display screen via the Display adapter properties in the Settings.

Step 1. Use Windows shortcut keys Win + I to launch the Settings.

Step 2. Go to the System menu.

Step 3. Select the Display tab on the left side.

Step 4. On the right side, scroll down for Display adapter properties. (You can also make some changes like Brightness and color, Scale and layout, Multiple displays, etc. on this panel.)


Step 5. Go to the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel tab if you have it on the Properties box. (If there’s no such tab, skip to step 8.)

Step 6. Click the Graphics Properties button below.

Step 7. Then go to the Display to make some changes as required.


Step 8. Back to the Properties box and go to the Color Management tab.

Step 9. Click the Color Management button.

Step 10. Go to the Advanced tab.

Step 11. Click the Calibrate display button below.


Step 12. In the Display Color Calibration, click the Next buttons and adjust the color balance or other settings.

Step 13. Click Finish and go to the ClearType Text Tuner.

Step 14. Click the Next buttons to change the ClearType text as required.

Step 15. Click the Finished button.


If the above tips are still not working on the "advanced display settings not available" issue, you might need to wait for a hotfix by Microsoft or roll back to the previous version.

See Also:Common Display/Graphics Problems and Solutions for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

If you have any questions, suggestions, or maybe some other solutions for fixing the advanced display settings missing problem after the Windows 10 Creators Update or the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, just reach for the comment section below or click the LEFT MENU on this page for technical support. Any other Windows 10-related issues, please go to Windows 10 section on this site for more solutions.

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