How to Fix Random Restarts on Windows 10 Anniversary

Jun. 24, 2022 / Updated by Helia to Windows 10

Random restarts on Windows 10 Anniversary after the update make it quite inconvenient for Windows users. It is very influential in the continuity of the office work when computer restarts randomly and suddenly without any warning. And sometimes, one of several issues such as speakers not working, no mouse pointer, 100% disk usage, etc, also caused by the random restarts after the Windows 10 Anniversary update.

We’ve had some solutions below to fix random restarts on Windows 10 Anniversary, also applied to Windows 10 Creators Update and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update,Windows 10 Spring Creators Update, so go on the reading for more information in this post.

1. Check for Hardware Changes or Issues

First and foremost, it is always a good idea to inspect your hardware changes that may cause the Windows 10 Anniversary random or auto reboot. Check for recent hardware changes, such as changes on power adapter, sound card, CPU, etc. If you are sure that the sudden restarts happen after the changes, try to restore to the previous hardware configurations or send the device to repair.

Also, if the computer is overheating, try to lower the temperature or clean the dust out of the slots.

2. Change Advanced System Settings

If your PC keeps restarting, you can disable the automatic restart option on Windows 10 Anniversary when the computer is available.

Step 1. Use Windows shortcut keysWin + PauseBreak to open the System window.

Step 2. Select Advanced system settings from the left column and the System Properties will pop up.

Step 3. Choose Advanced tab and click on the button Settings in the Startup and Recovery section.

Step 4. Disable Automatically restart under System Failure, and then click OK.


Now you can manually restart the computer and wait for a while to see if the random restart on Windows 10 Anniversary issue still persists.

3. Change Power Options Settings

This is another method to stop the Windows 10 Anniversary from restarting suddenly. Follow the steps to modify the settings in Power Options.

Step 1. Right click on the Start menu and select Power Options. You can also access to this by right click on the battery icon in the task bar if you are using a laptop.

Step 2. Click on the Change plan settings beside the current plan the PC is using.


Step 3. Click on the Change advanced power settings.

Step 4. Navigate to and expand the Processor power management.

Step 5. Expand the Minimum processor state and set the values lower than 100%. And then click OK.


Step 6. Modify the Put the computer to sleep setting when using power or battery. Set the time value between 1 minute and 5 hours.


Step 7. Save the changes and reboot.

Does it fix the computer randomly restart problem?

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4. Perform a Clean Boot to Fix Random Restarts on Windows 10 Anniversary

This method may be a little difficult for users to conduct on the computer, but a clean boot could really help you find out the software conflicts that cause the unexpectedly restart issue on Windows 10 Anniversary.

Step 1. Enter the Safe Mode

Boot the PC in Safe Mode that will load basic files and drivers, and see if the random restarts issue exists. If not, go to Step 2. (If you don’t know how to enter the Safe Mode on Windows 10, click here.)

Step 2. Perform a Diagnostic Startup

1. Use Windows shortcut keys Win + R to launch the Run and type into msconfig. Press the Enter.

2. Choose the General tab from the System Configuration window and choose the Diagnostic startup.


3. Click OK and restart the PC manually.

4. Open the System Configuration window in the same way and choose Services tab.

5. Disable Hide all Microsoft services, and then enable the services that you want to start up automatically.


Restart the PC manually to see if the random reboot issue has been resolved. If not, go to Step 3 to figure out problematic programs one by one.

Step 3. Perform a Clean Boot on Windows 10

A clean boot means starting Windows by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. Follow the steps mentioned in How to Use Windows 10 Clean Boot to Fix PC Errors to exclude the startups that result in the random restart issue.

5. Reinstall the Graphics Drivers

Some graphics drivers may not be compatible with the Windows 10 Anniversary and result in some conflicts and the random restarts. Reinstall the graphics drivers can release the pain.

1. Right click on the Start menu and select Device Manager.

2. Expand the Display adapters entry and right click on the graphics device to uninstall the driver.


3. Manually restart the computer, and Windows will detect and install proper graphics driver automatically.

Note: You can also download the latest driver from the graphic card manufacturer’s website and install it. But there are some driver changes after the Windows 10 Anniversary update, which won’t allow you to install drivers without digital signatures. For more information, see Fix: Driver Signature Issue on Windows 10 Anniversary.

If Windows fail to reinstall the graphics drivers and fix the computer randomly restarts issue, you can use Driver Talent to help scan your computer to detect problem drivers and reinstall the graphics drivers.

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