How to Update Drivers in Windows 11 for Free

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Bothered by black screen issues, horizontal/vertical lines on screen, microphone not working or Wi-Fi disconnecting issues? Annoyed at various computer issues after upgrading your operation system to Windows 11? You may need to update the drivers in your Windows 11. This article presents three common methods for you to show you how to update drivers in Windows 11 for free.

Note: If you are not overly tech savvy and want to save your time, you could go directly to the third method and udpate drivers automatically with Driver Talent.


Method One. Update drivers in Device Manager

Method Two. Update drivers via manufacturer's website

Method Three. Update drivers with Driver Talent

Method One. Update drivers in Device Manager

You could update drivers with Device Manager in Windows 11.

Step 1. Press Win and X (the Windows logo keyWindows logo.pngand X) at the same time.

Step 2. Click Device Manager.


Step 3. Double click Dispaly adapters.


Step 4. Double click your device name (like NVIDIA GeForceGTX 1050 Ti in the screenshot) and then click Update driver.


Step 5. Click Browse my computer for drivers


Step 6. Click Browse.


Step 7. Click Next to begin the installation.


You have to be patient to follow the instructions step by step. If you don't like this method, try the second one, download drivers via the manufacturer's website of your device.

Method Two. Update drivers via manufacturer's website

You can also get the latest drivers for your Windows 11 through the official website of the manufactures (NVIDIA, AMD, Intel...). Note that you should choose the same manufacturer with that of your current device. For example, I am using the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, so I should download drivers from NVIDIA.

Tip: Follow the Step 1 to Step 3 in Method One to see who's the manufacturer of your device if you don't know.

Step 1. Visit the manufacture's website of your device. (Take NVIDIA for example).

Step 2. Search the driver according to your system information.


Step 3. Select the driver you want from the DRIVER RESULTS list and click on GET DOWNLOAD button.


Step 4. Click on Download button again to get the package.


Step 5. Choose the location for your new driver files and then click on OK.


Step 6. Wait a few minutes for the files being saved to your computer.


Step 7. Follow the installation instructions provided by NVIDIA and start the installation process.

The downloading and installing processes take some time, so you must be patient during this long period. If you dislike to download and update drivers manually, and are seeking a smart tool to do these automatically, you could try Driver Talent. Follow the below stages and let Driver Talent updates drivers for you.

Method Three. Update drivers with Driver Talent

Driver Talent is a smart driver download and update software that can download drivers quickly and then install automatically. It can find out the drivers that don't work properly in your system and then help to download the best-matched or the latest ones for your device. In addition, Driver Talent can fix all driver related problems, including the display issues, no sound after updating system, network connection issues and so on.

Now click on the download button to install Driver Talent and update drivers instantly.

Download Now

Step 1. Launch Driver Talent and click Scan.


Step 2. Select the driver version from the driver list.


Step 3. Click Update.

Then Driver Talent will start downloading and installing drivers for you.


In a few seconds, the installation will complete. What you need to do is just to reboot your device to make the new driver come into effect.

These are the most common methods to update drivers in Windows 11 for free. Please rest assured that all methods mentioned here enable you to get the certified and free drivers from different manufacturers. The difference is that the first two methods show you how to update drivers manually while the third one shows you how to automatically update drivers with Driver Talent.

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