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Many Sony laptop users often encounter Sony VAIO driver crashes, such as no Bluetooth connection, slow boot, driver power state failure, etc. so they want to download proper Sony VAIO drivers to keep their Sony VAIO or VAIO get the best Sony laptop performance. Here we will introduce to you 3 safe ways to download the latest Sony VAIO or VAIO laptop drivers.


Method 1: Download the Sony VAIO Drivers Directly in Windows

In fact, there is a handy tool on your Sony VAIO that allows you to update the Sony VAIO drivers. Windows Update is the built-in tool providing safe Sony VAIO driver updates in Windows.

You could follow the steps below to download and update Sony VAIO drivers via Windows Update:

(Take the Windows 10 as an example)

1. Click the Start menu and select Settings.

2. Then click the Update & Security.


3. Select Windows Update in the left column.

4. Click Check for updates in the right column. Windows will search for and install the available Sony VAIO driver updates automatically.


5. Restart the PC to ensure the updates take effect.

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While Windows Update is one of the safest ways to update the Sony VAIO drivers, it is also an aggressive approach to get everything up-to-date, even you’ve installed the Sony VAIO drivers manually, Windows Update will force to reinstall them automatically, which may interrupt the use of your Sony VAIO laptop.

If this is not for you to update the Sony VAIO drivers, you could try the two methods below.

Method 2: Download Sony VAIO Drivers from the Website

Though Sony has sold up the business of VAIO, the company still keeps the Sony VAIO drivers download page for your specific model of Sony VAIO laptop. You could click Sony VAIO support or VAIO support to download Sony VAIO audio driver, Sony VAIO bluetooth driver, Sony VAIO network driver, Windows 10 drivers for Sony VAIO E series, etc. for your Sony laptop.

(Take the later support page as an example)

1. Choose your Sony laptop model on the VAIO support page.


2. Find the latest drivers you need on the list, and click the link.


3. Read the content and click DOWNLOAD HERE to download the Sony VAIO driver.


4. Install the new VAIO drivers manually on your PC.

If your Sony VAIO laptop has experienced a clean installation of Windows, or just the Windows upgrade, you may need to download and install a mass of Sony VAIO drivers manually, which is a time-consuming and frustrating process. Nonetheless, it is still a safe way to get the latest Sony VAIO drivers download.

You could also manually download the latest Sony VAIO drivers from this website, Sony Laptop Drivers and Downloads, for different Sony VAIO laptop models.

Method 3: Update Sony VAIO Drivers via Safe Driver Download Utility

Now that no one wants to be stuck digging around for the latest drivers for the Sony VAIO laptop, it is recommended to use a safe utility, such as Driver Talent, Driver Guide, Driver Easy, download and install the drivers as quickly as possible. (If there’s no such a tool on your PC, click the button to get it directly.)

Download Now

Run the utility on your Sony VAIO laptop and follow the 3 steps below to update the Sony VAIO drivers.

Step 1: Scan the PC for Sony VAIO Driver Problems

Click Scan to detect all the outdated, incorrect or broken Sony VAIO drivers on your PC automatically.


Step 2: Update the Sony VAIO Drivers

If there are updatable drivers, you could click Update or Reapir to download and install the latest Sony VAIO drivers for your Sony laptop.


Step 3: Reboot the PC

You need to restart your Sony laptop to make all the new-installed Sony VAIO drivers take effect.

You could also use Driver Talent to download all the Sony laptop drivers for Windows 7 and Windows 8 (32 bit or 64 bit). Besides, it is recommended to back up all the drivers for your Sony VAIO laptop and create driver restore points in case any Sony VAIO driver issues occur after the changing.

Truly hope the 3 solutions above could help you fix the Sony driver issues on your Sony VAIO laptop.

If you have any questions about download and update Sony VAIO drivers on your Sony VAIO laptop, please comment in the section below or click the LEFT MENU on this page for mor help. Any other driver issues, please see Windows Driver Solutions on this site.

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