Windows 10 Airplane Mode ON or OFF Errors and Solutions

Jun. 24, 2022 / Updated by Helia to Windows 10

Airplane mode on or off issues arise and annoy Windows users after the Windows 10 upgrade or Windows 10 anniversary update. “Windows 10 airplane mode keeps turning on”, “airplane mode turns on by itself”, “Windows 10 airplane mode stuck on”, etc. are the main problems that Windows users complained in some forums.


Windows 10 airplane mode, which is similar to that of a smartphone, is used to control the wireless signal receiving. When you turn on the special networking setting, the airplane icon will be highlighted and your Windows laptop of tablet will stop receiving various wireless signals, like Internet, WLAN, Bluetooth, etc.

Windows is never free from problems like airplane mode errors, unidentified network, slow boot issues, etc. after the Windows 10 upgrade or Windows 10 anniversary update. But you could follow the methods below to fix Windows 10 airplane mode ON or OFF errors.

Method 1: Check the Toggle Switch to Fix the Windows 10 Airplane Mode Errors

Usually, there is a physical wireless toggle on the Windows laptop or tablet that you could use to quickly control the wireless signal receiving. Only when the toggle is ON, could you turn on the Windows 10 airplane mode.


Check whether there is such a toggle on your device and toggle it to on the airplane mode.

Method 2: Use Shortcut Keys to Turn ON or OFF the Airplane Mode

Besides the physical toggle, the Fn shortcut keys on a laptop are also the access to fix the Windows 10 airplane mode errors.

Use the shortcut keys Fn + key with a radio tower icon (usually on key like F3) to see if the Windows 10 airplane mode is available.

Method 3: Check the Related Settings on Windows 10

Windows 10 Settings can help to solve the airplane mode stuck on or not working issues.

Windows 10 Airplane Mode in Windows Settings

Step 1. Click the Start menu.

Step 2. Select the Settings.

Step 3. Go to the Network & Internet menu.

Step 4. Select Airplane mode on the left pane.

Step 5. Turn ON/OFF the Airplane mode on the right pane.

Windows 10 Airplane Mode in Network Settings

Step 1. Click the display icon on the Windows 10 taskbar.

Step 2. If the Airplane mode icon is gray, click the icon to turn it on. If the icon is highlighted, click it to turn off the airplane mode.

Windows 10 Airplane Mode in Action Center

Step 1. Use Windows shortcut keysWin + A to open the Action Center.

Step 2. If the Airplane mode icon is gray, click the icon to turn it on. If the icon is highlighted, click it to turn off the airplane mode.

Note: If the methods above fail to fix the airplane mode errors, keep reading the following content.

Methods 4: Modify the Network Adapter Properties

Step 1. Use Windows shortcut keys Win + X (or right click the Start menu).

Step 2. Select the Device Manager.

Step 3. Expand the Network adapters.

Step 4. Right click on the network adapter of you device and select Properties.

Step 5. Select the Power Management tab from the pop-up dialog box.

Step 6. Uncheck the item Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

Step 7. Click the OK to save the changes.


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Method 5: Disable Non-Microsoft Services

Some programs or services can affect the Windows 10 airplane mode. You could try to disable some non-Microsoft services to fix the Windows 10 airplane mode not turning on or off errors. If you happen to know the program, disable it directly. If not, it may take your time to figure out the black sheep from the list.

Step 1. Use Windows shortcut keys Win + R to launch Run.

Step 2. Type msconfig in the text box.

Step 3. Press the Enter.

Step 4. Select the Service tab.

Step 5. Check the Hide all Microsoft services option.

Step 6. Click the button Disable.

Step 7. Click the Apply.


Step 8. Select the Startup tab.

Step 9. Click the Open Task Manager.

Step 10. Select the Startup tab on the new pop-up dialog and disable all the startup items.


Then you need to reboot the computer and re-enable the services you've disabled one by one to find out the problematic services or programs that result in the Windows 10 airplane mode errors. Once you figure them out, disable them again.

Note: This is the simple steps of windows clean boot to exclude the services or programs that cause the airplane stuck on OFF/ON issue. For more details of using Windows 10 clean boot to fix the problem, see: How to Use Windows 10 Clean Boot to Fix PC Errors.

Method 6: Update or Reinstall the Network Adapter Drivers

Problematic drivers can bring about Windows 10 airplane mode errors and other Windows 10 issues, such as no Bluetooth connection issue, microphone not working issue, ghost touch screen problem, etc. So it is necessary to fix the network adapter drivers on Windows 10.

You could use driver troubleshooters like Driver Talent, Driver Guide, Driver Easy, etc. to update or reinstall the network adapter drivers and fix the Windows airplane mode errors. Here we take Driver Talent as an example.

Download Now

Step 1: Scan the PC for Network Adapter Drivers Resulting in Airplane Mode Errors

Click Scan to find the problematic network adapter drivers.


Step 2: Update the Network Adapter Drivers

Click Update to download and install proper network adapter drivers for Windows 10.


Step 3: Restart the PC

Restart the Windows device to make the newly installed network adapter drivers take effect.

It is recommended to back up important drivers on Windows 10 and create a system restore point in case driver crashes occur suddenly.

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Method 7: Modify the Windows 10 Registry

Step 1. Use Windows shortcut keys Win + R.

Step 2. Type regedit into the box

Step 3. Press the Enter.

Step 4. Find RadioEnable from the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class

Step 5. Modify the value to 1.

Step 6. Restart the computer.

Note:Backup registry before any changes in case serious system problems occur.

Update: Thankfully for affected users, there's an effect method to kill this issue:

Switch the physical button of WiFi on the computer and turn off the wireless feature. Then re-enable it. Hold the Fn key and then press the PrtSc SysRq key. Hold them for a while and release.

Hope the methods above could help you fix the Windows 10 airplane mode errors. If this article is useful to you, add it to your bookmarks or share it to you friends.

Any knowledge of resolving Windows 10 airplane mode ON or OFF errors is welcome. If you have any questions on this subject, do not hesitate to let us know by asking your question in the comment section below, or click the LEFT MENU on this page for more technical support. If you have any other Windows 10-related issues, see Windows 10 section on this site..

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