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Laptop overheating is common on Windows computer After the Windows 10 upgrade or update, like Windows 10 Creators Update or Spring Creators Update 1803, many users come across the laptop hot problem. In this case, the computer fan keeps making loud noises, the laptop runs in a slow speed causing shuttering or it pops up error messages. As a result, the laptop may run into the abrupt shutdown, blue screen or black screen.

What Causes the Windows 10 Laptop Overheating?

Many factors can result in the laptop hot problem. You need to check your Windows 10 laptop and figure out the culprits that cause the overheating laptop:

Laptop Using Environment‐You laptop will refuse to work if you're using it in a hot room.

Dusty computer fan or computer cooling system‐Dust or dirt accelerating on the CPU fan or GPU fan slows down the running speed of the fan and affects the heat transfer from the vents.

Old or Dying Laptop Battery‐If you've kept your laptop for years, the battery may be too old to provide power supply and cause laptop overheating. Also, improper power settings will lead to computer overheating.

System Changes‐Windows OS upgrade or update, driver changes or other system changes may cause conflicts among programs, which makes the laptop too hot to use.

Overloaded Chipset‐CPU, GPU, and other chipset are the main heat resource on Windows 10 laptop. The overloaded chipset will cause laptop hot problem.

Top 5 Tips to Fix Windows 10 Laptop Overheating Problem

If your Windows 10 laptop gets heating, it's necessary to take action to cool down the overheating computer in case further damage. You can follow the top 5 ways below to fix the Dell, Asus, Lenovo, Microsoft Surface, Toshiba, HP laptop overheating issue.


Way 1. Use Your Windows 10 Laptop in a Cool Environment

The cool environment helps to speed up the heat transfer and get the computer adequate cooling.

1. Find a cool room for your Windows 10 laptop. For example, a room with an air-conditioner is a good place to cool down the overheating laptop.

2. Use a laptop cooler which has a large cooling fan. It will help to cool down the machine by accelerating the airflow.

3. Place your Windows 10 laptop on a laptop stand that is angled off the desktop. This enables the computer fan to change heat with the air.


Way 2. Check the Computer Fans that Causes the Laptop Overheating

You can open the back case of your Windows 10 laptop to check the cooling fan and clean the dust to fix the laptop overheating issue.

1. Find the CPU fan and other computer fans.

2. Use a brush to sweep the dirt away from the fan blade and the vents or clean the dust by a can of compressed air.

3. Drip some machine oil into the hole in the center of the computer fan.


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Way 3. Check the Battery and the Power Settings

If your laptop battery has worked for many years, it's recommended you change to a new one, which helps to release the pain of laptop overheating due to the battery as well as save the laptop battery.

Also, you can reset the power settings:

1. Right-click the battery icon on the taskbar.

2. Select the Power Options.

3. Click the Change plan settings beside your current power plan.

4. Click the Change advanced power settings.

5. Scroll down for the Processor power management and expand it.

6. Expand the System cooling policy.

7. Highlight the On battery and select the Passive from the drop-down menu beside it.

8. Click the Apply button and then the OK.


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Way 4. Repair Drivers and Fix the Windows 10 Laptop Overheating

Incompatible, outdated or broken device drivers may cause program conflicts and affect the Windows 10 laptop cooling-down. The latest driver updates also result in the computer overheating because they improve the PC performance that makes the CPU or the chipset overloaded.

In this case, you need to repair the driver problems to cool down the overheating laptop. If you don't want to spend time in searching the best-matched hardware device drivers for your Windows 10 laptop, you can use Driver Talent, an intelligent driver manager received a good review by engadget, to help to repair the driver issues on the machine.

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3 steps to troubleshoot the problem and cool down the hot laptop.

Step 1. Click the Scan button and Driver Talent will automatically detect the computer for faulty drivers.

Step 2. Click the Repair button to fix the driver problems. Or click the Update button to download and install the best-matched Windows 10 drivers.

Step 3. Click the Restart button when it pops up. This will make the driver changes take effect.



1. Backup the drivers and create a system restore point to protect your computer data.
2. If the laptop gets overheating during the gaming, you could also go to the Toolbox of Driver Talent game solutions.

Way 5. Uninstall Windows Updates that Causes the Computer Overheating

Laptop hot problem often occurs after you install some updates, but you can go and check the updates to see if there are any culprits causing the laptop overheating issue.

1. Use Windows shortcut keys Win + I to open the Settings.

2. Go to the Update & security menu.

3. On the right side, click the Update history.

4. Check each record. If you find the update(s) resulting in the overheating, click the Uninstall updates on the top.


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Now your HP laptop overheating issue or that of other brands of laptops has been solved.

All of the above are possible best methods to fix a Windows 10 laptop overheating. If you know other solutions of cooling down an overheating computer, you can inform us by the comment. If you still fail to troubleshoot the laptop-overheating problem, you can go to the LEFT MENU on this page or go to the Resource Center on this site for more help.


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