3 Ways to Fix Crackling/Popping/Skipping Sound in Windows 10

Sep. 13, 2018 / Updated by Bessie Shaw to Windows 10

Hear the crackling, popping, or skipping sound while listening to music or watching movies on your Windows 10 computer? There should be a variety of reasons why, such as outdated sound card driver, incorrect audio settings and many more. Here are a couple of fixes for the crackling sound problem in Windows 10.

Method 1. Disable Audio Enhancements to Resolve Windows 10 Crackling/Popping/Skipping Sound

In some situations, you could disable the Windows audio enhancements to overcome the crackling, popping or skipping sound issue in Windows 10. Just do the following steps:

Step 1. Click the Windows 10 start button, type Sound and then select the Sound item from the listed results


Step 2. Under the Playback tab, right-click the audio device you would like to disable the audio enhancements for, and then select Properties

Note: The default audio device is speaker or headphone.

Step 3. Switch to the Enhancements tab to display all the available audio enhancements

Step 4. Click the Disable all enhancements check box


Step 5. Click OK.

Method 2. Update Sound Driver to Fix Crackling/Popping/Skipping Sound in Windows 10

In most cases, outdated sound card driver is the culprit of the crackling, popping or skipping sound glitch in Windows 10. Updating your sound card driver could be the effective solution. If you are not a computer savvy user, it’s strongly recommended to adopt a dedicated driver download and update utility tool, such as Driver Talent, which could scan out your incorrect sound driver within a few seconds and then automatically download and install the best-matched version in two minutes.

Click the button below to grab Driver Talent directly.

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Take the 3-step guide to use Driver Talent to download and update your audio driver to fix the crackling, popping or skipping sound bug in Windows 10.

1. Scan Your Computer

Launch Driver Talent. Perform a full scan of your Windows 10 PC by clicking the “Scan” button. Driver Talent will identify all of you outdated, corrupted, broken or missing drivers within a few seconds, your erroneous sound card driver included.

scan your pc

2. Update Your Sound Card Driver

Click “Repair” to fix all the identified faulty drivers by automatically downloading and installing the most compatible Windows 10 sound card driver behind the scene. You’re allowed to click “Update” to keep all your drivers up to date. But don’t update what ain’t broken unless needed for stable performance or security related reasons.

update sound card driver

3. Reboot Your Computer

Reboot your computer to make the audio driver update take effect.

Note: Be sure to back up you drivers with Driver Talent before installing any new driver update in case of driver crashes or further unexpected severe computer issues.

Apart from drivers download and update, Driver Talent comes packed with other premium features, such as drivers restore, drivers uninstall, drivers pre-download for another PC, PC Repair (no sound, no video, no Wi-Fi etc.), hardware detection, VR support check and PC speed up, etc.

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