Dolby Drivers Download and Update for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista

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Does your Dolby device work well after your computer switches to Windows 10? If not, it is probably caused by the Dolby driver incompatibility. Your system is upgraded, but your Dolby drivers haven't been upgraded to Windows 10 automatically. In other words, your current Dolby drivers for Windows 10 are outdated. It can be easily resolved by downloading and updating your Dolby drivers.


Top 4 Methods to Download and Update Dolby Drivers

There are 4 top-used methods for Dolby drivers download and update. It's quite time-consuming to use the first three methods. Driver Talent is the easiest and quickest method to download and update Dolby drivers for Windows 10, Dolby drivers for Windows 8.1, Dolby drivers for Windows 8, Dolby drivers for Windows 7 and Dolby drivers for Windows XP, applied to Lenovo, Acer, Dell, Asus, HP, etc.

1. Dolby’s Website

This is the first place you'll usually want to look. Register a Dolby account first and select the proper product model number to manually download the Dolby audio drivers, e.g. Dolby advanced audio v2 drivers, Dolby advanced audio v4 drivers, Dolby PCEE audio 7.2 drivers and Dolby digital drivers 7.1. But you can find that some Dolby drivers you need are not supplied for download on Dolby’s website.

2. PC Manufacturer’s website

You can also download the related Dolby drivers on your PC or tablet PC manufacturer’s website, such as the Dolby drivers for Lenovo, Dolby drivers for Acer, Dolby drivers for Dell, Dolby drivers for HP. But the same with first method, you can’t get all the Dolby drivers you are looking for.

3. Windows Update

Windows will automatically get recommended Dolby drivers and updates for your computer. But more often than not, the Dolby drivers offered by Windows Update are out-of-date. You can’t get the latest Dolby advanced audio drivers, or Dolby home theater drivers.

4. Driver Talent

Driver Talent is a widely-used trustable Dolby drivers download and update utility. You can easily and safely download and update ALL the Dolby drivers on your PC in minutes, e.g. Dolby drivers for Lenovo, Dolby drivers for Acer, Dolby drivers for Dell. Besides, all the Dolby driver issues can also be resolved with one-click mouse. No need to manually search and download the Dolby drivers for hours or a whole day any more.

How Driver Talent Downloads and Updates Dolby Drivers

Follow the easy steps below to use Driver Talent to download and update Dolby drivers for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, such as Dolby Advanced audio driver, Dolby Digital Plus audio driver, etc.

1. Download Driver Talent

Click “Download Now” below button to get Driver Talent directly.

Download Now

2. Identify Dolby Driver Issues

Run Driver Talent to scan all drivers. All the outdated, missing, broken, corrupt, faulty or incompatible driver issues will be identified in seconds.

scan dolby drivers

3. Download and Update Dolby Drivers

Click “Repair” to automatically download and install the right Dolby drivers to fix all the Dolby Driver issues. You can also click “Update” in the “Latest Driver” tab to get the latest Focusrite drivers. But it is NOT recommended to keep the Dolby drivers up-to-date all the time, because newly-released drivers may come with bugs. It may damage your device.

download dolby drivers

4. Restart Your Computer

Restart your computer and reinstall your Dolby devices to make all Dolby driver updates to take effect.

For security and stability, Driver Talent can also backup and restore drivers in case you need to reinstall a specific Dolby audio driver or Dolby digital driver someday.

If you have any other Dolby driver download issues for Windows 10, you can check Free Download and Install Driver for Windows 10 Update for instructions.

Download and Update All the Dolby Drivers on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista

Driver Talent can download and update all these Dolby drivers below:

Dolby drivers for Windows 10

Dolby drivers for Windows 8.1

Dolby drivers for Windows 8

Dolby drivers for Windows 7

Dolby drivers for XP

Dolby audio drivers

Dolby advanced audio drivers

Dolby sound drivers

Dolby digital drivers

Dolby digital audio drivers

Dolby home theatre drivers

Dolby drivers for Lenovo

dolby digital sound card driver

Dolby drivers for Dell

Dolby PCEE drivers

Dolby drivers for Acer

Dolby advanced audio v2 drivers

Dolby advanced audio v4 drivers

Dolby home theater v4 drivers

Dolby PCEE audio drivers 7.2

Dolby digital drivers 7.1

Dolby ac3 audio drivers

Dolby home theater v4 drivers for windows 8.1

Lenovo Dolby drivers for windows 8.1

Dolby drivers for Lenovo yoga

Dolby digital drivers 5.1

Dolby home theater drivers for Acer

Dolby drivers for Lenovo x230

Dolby drivers for Lenovo z580

Dolby drivers for Acer w700

Dolby drivers for Lenovo laptop

Dolby drivers for Lenovo g580

Dolby drivers for PCEE4

Dolby cp750 drivers

Dolby drivers for Lenovo g585

Dolby drivers for Lenovo g780

Dolby driver update to

Dolby drivers for Lenovo g500

Dolby driver for lenovo g400s

    If you encounter any problems about Dolby drivers download and update for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, just leave comments below. Any other drivers download and update, like network driver, mouse driver, Bluetooth driver, 802.11n WLAN driver, USB Type-C driver, please check the Windows Driver Solutions section.

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