How to Check and Fix HP ENVY Drivers Issues in Windows

Jun. 24, 2022 / Updated by Helia to Windows Driver Solutions

Many HP devices users complain their HP ENVY series devices don't work properly after upgrading to Windows 10, such as unidentified network, 100% disk usage, graphics error 43, etc. and so on. Generally, it is the HP ENVY drivers that are not compatible with the newly installed operating system, like Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update/Creators Update/Anniversary Update), Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP. In this case, you'd better check all the HP ENVY drivers on your laptop or desktop to find the driver issues.

How to Check HP ENVY Drivers Issues?

In order to fix the HP ENVY drivers issues, you need to know the exact HP ENVY driver that causes driver crashes on the PC. There are 3 methods to check out HP ENVY drivers problems.

1. Find HP ENVY Driver Problems Manually

Here we take Windows 10 for an example. After a right-click at Start>Device Manager, you could find some yellow exclamation marks beside the name of the devices which indicate that Windows has detected problems with the devices. Then right-click on any device and choose Update Driver Software to fix the issues.


2. Detect HP ENVY Drivers on HP Official Site

On the official site of HP, you can click the “Identify now” button to identify your HP products and then follow the instruction to install the software which can detect HP Printers and PCs running Windows 7, 8 and 10.


Note: HP has a complete list of the retired products and you might not acquire support from HP.

3. Check HP ENVY Drivers Issues with a Professional Tool

Now that the methods above may be time-consuming for you, it is recommended to have a try with Driver Talent. It is a professional driver management tool for which can help you find all the HP ENVY driver issues in one click. Any missing, outdated or broken driver may cause some system crashes such as error 0x8000ffff, Windows 10 INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE, Microsoft Edge not working after update, etc. But Driver Talent can fix the issues speedily.

Besides, Driver Talent can also download and update the drivers automatically in one click to keep your HP device running smoothly on the new Windows operating system with the latest or stable HP ENVY drivers.

Click the button below and free download Driver Talent directly.

Download Now

How to Fix HP ENVY Drivers Problems?

With Driver Talent, you need only 3 steps to fix HP ENVY driver problems effectively.

Step 1: Detect HP ENVY Driver Problems

Click “Scan” to find all the outdated, invalid or missing HP ENVY driver problems on your PC.

scan hp envy drivers

Step 2: Fix Driver Issues

Click “Repair” to fix HP ENVY driver problems. Driver Talent will download and install proper HP ENVY drivers for the Windows in one click, like HP ENVY audio driver, HP ENVY USB 3.0 driver, HP ENVY Wi-Fi driver, etc.

repair hp envy drivers

Step 3: Reboot the PC

Reboot your HP device to make the new-installed HP ENVY drivers take effect. And now the HP device or hardware can work properly on your Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update/Creators Update/Anniversary Update), Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP.

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Popular HP ENVY Drivers Available for Downloading

Below is a list of the popular HP ENVY drivers that Driver Talent can download.

HP ENVY drivers for Window 10 64-bit

HP ENVY drivers for Window 10 32-bit

HP ENVY drivers for Window 8.1

HP ENVY drivers for Window 8

HP ENVY drivers for Window 7

HP ENVY drivers for Window Vista

HP ENVY drivers for Window XP

HP ENVY 4 drivers

HP ENVY 6 drivers

HP ENVY 11 drivers

HP ENVY 13 drivers

HP ENVY 14 drivers

HP ENVY 15 drivers

HP ENVY 17 drivers

HP ENVY 100 drivers

HP ENVY 100 D410 drivers

HP ENVY 110 drivers

HP ENVY 120 drivers

HP ENVY 20 drivers

HP ENVY 23 drivers

HP ENVY 27 drivers

HP ENVY 34 drivers

HP ENVY x360-15t drivers

HP ENVY x360-15-w155nr drivers

HP ENVY-14t drivers

HP ENVY-15-ah155nr drivers

HP ENVY-17t drivers

HP ENVY-15z drivers

HP ENVY-15t drivers

HP ENVY-15t Slim Quad drivers

HP ENVY Notebook-13-d010nr drivers

HP ENVY-13t drivers

HP ENVY Notebook-17-n179nr drivers

HP ENVY 700 drivers

HP ENVY 750qe drivers

HP ENVY 750se drivers

HP ENVY 750st drivers

HP ENVY 750xt drivers

HP ENVY 750z drivers

HP ENVY Desktop-750-220 drivers

HP ENVY 800 drivers

HP ENVY Phoenix 850qe drivers

HP ENVY Phoenix 850se drivers

HP ENVY Phoenix 860se drivers

HP ENVY Phoenix 860st drivers

HP ENVY Phoenix 860-170VR drivers

HP ENVY Phoenix 860-170VX drivers

HP ENVY Phoenix Desktop-860-014 drivers

HP ENVY 24qe drivers

HP= ENVY 27qe drivers

HP ENVY 27xt drivers

HP ENVY Curved All-in-One-34-a010 drivers

HP ENVY Curved All-in-One-34-a150 drivers

HP ENVY All-in-One-24-n014 drivers

HP ENVY All-in-One-27-p014 drivers

HP ENVY 110 e-All-in-One printer-D411 drivers

HP ENVY 5530 drivers

HP ENVY 5530 e-All-in-One drivers

HP ENVY 5540 All-in-One drivers

HP ENVY 4520 All-in-One drivers

HP ENVY 5660 e-All-in-One drivers

HP ENVY 7640 e-All-in-One drivers

HP ENVY 4500 drivers

HP ENVY 4500 e-All-in-One drivers

HP ENVY x2 drivers

HP ENVY 8 Note drivers

HP ENVY 8 Note Tablet-5003 drivers

HP ENVY dv4 drivers

HP ENVY dv6 drivers

HP ENVY dv7 drivers

HP ENVY M4 drivers

HP ENVY M6 drivers

HP ENVY h9 drivers

HP ENVY Pro drivers

If you have any HP ENVY drivers download problems on Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update/Creators Update/Anniversary Update), Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP, please comment below or click the LEFT MENU on this page for more help. Any other HP driver-related questions, please see Windows Driver Solutions section.

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