Windows 11 Is Out: New Features of the New Operating System

Jun. 24, 2022 / Updated by Vivi to News

Microsoft has finally released the new operating system, Windows 11, on October 5, 2021. Windows 11 is a free upgrade for people who are using Windows 10. Microsoft says that newer devices will be able to get this new operating system earlier than older ones, and the staged rollout will last until mid-2022.

Windows 11 comes with big changes, beginning a new era of Windows operating system. Here are the list of new features coming with this new system.

1. New Start Menu

The Taskbar has been moved to the center in Windows 11. The default icons are relocated to the middle. However, if you are not used to applying icons and the Start Menu centered, you can move them back to the left as long as you want.

2. New Emoji

More than 250 new emojis are added in Windows 11. The emojis are becoming more gender-neutral.

3. New Fonts

New Segoe Fluent Icons appear in apps like Settings and Control Panel. To optimize system fonts on all form factors, a new Segoe UI variable is introduced. This improvement provides higher legibility and readability in the user interface. Of course, you are able to change this default font on the new OS if you don’t like it.

4. New Windows Store

Microsoft opens the Microsoft Store to third-party app stores, which is obviously a great update. Over the next few months, you will be able to discover storefront apps from Amazon and Epic Games in the Microsoft Store on Windows. After searching or browsing the third-party storefront apps, you will see a product detail page of the corresponding app. And then you can easily and instantly install it, just like any other app in the Microsoft Store on Windows.

5. Windows Widgets

Similar to the “news & interests” feature available in Windows 10, the Widgets provides various types of information, including news, traffic, sports, entertainment, weather and Family Safety activities. What different is that, in Windows 11, the information comes out from the left side of the screen, rather than from the Taskbar. Also, the interface of Windows 11 Widgets is quite different from the “news & interests” in Windows 10.

6. New Windows Clipboard

GIFs and emoji can be inserted into apps on the new Windows Clipboard panel. You just need to press Win+V to launch the Clipboard manager, select or search materials through an in-menu search bar. Besides, you are now able to paste the content you want as plain text in Windows 11.

7. Multiple Displays

Multiple displays in Windows 11enable you to use external monitors easily. All the apps on the secondary screen will be automatically minimized as long as you disconnect the external display. After reconnecting to the display, the window will automatically and quickly return to its previous state.

8. New Touch Keyboard

Thirteen new themes are introduced to help you customize the touch keyboard. You can choose your favourite theme from the 3 hardware matching themes that match the surface colors. You can also create a custom theme with your favourite background images and resize the touch keyboard on your device.

9. New Task View and Virtual Desktops Experience

In Windows 11, “Virtual Desktops” has been changed into “Desktops”. Besides, the interface is changed, too. The new redesigned Task View button is located in the Taskbar. It will show you all running apps and desktops on your device as long as you click it. Timeline is removed in Windows 11.What’s more, the desktops are moved from the top to the bottom.

10. New Snap Layouts and Snap Groups

To improve the efficiency of working with multiple windows on the same screen, two new improvements, namely “Snap layouts” and “Snap groups”, are introduced in Windows 11. The “Snap layouts” allows you to quickly snap windows on the same screen with different grids when you want to hover over the maximize button in File Explorer or other apps. When you want to switch to a different app, the “Snap groups” enable you to quickly switch back to your group of snapped windows.

11. Updated File Explorer

Microsoft has updated the File Explorer in the new operating system. A new modern interface, redesigned context menu, icons and many other changes can be seen in the updated File Explorer.

12. Android Apps Support in Windows 11

Android app support will be rolled out in the upcoming Windows 11 builds. With it, your devices will be able to run Android apps powered by the Amazon App Store and even sideload APKs. It is expected that Android apps will run natively and perform well on Windows 11.

13. Auto HDR for Gaming

Windows 11 will provide users with gaming-related improvements through better better HDR (high dynamic range). Windows 11 will be able to convert the color and lighting when users’ monitors support HDR but the games do not.

14. Teams Integrated with Windows

The Microsoft Teams will be integrated in the Taskbar of the new OS. The Teams icon will be put front and center on the Taskbar. It has a purple circular background and a camera logo in the middle. When the icon is selected, a floating window will appear to show the most recent contacts. From this window, you can start a video chat or send direct messages. This feature meets people’s need to efficiently communicate with others during the coronavirus pandemic.

Make Preparations for Windows 11 Upgrade

It is not uncommon to encounter the problems like “a required CD/DVD driver is missing”, “video drivers are outdated”, or “wireless network driver is not working” after updating Windows. To solve these problems, it is recommended to install drivers which are well-matched with your computer. The reason is that different Windows OS requires specific drivers compatible with it, such as Windows 10 64-bit needs Windows 10 drivers for 64 bit, 32-bit OS needs 32-bit drivers, Windows 10 graphics driver for HP notebook 2000 PC, and other requirements of laptop drivers in Windows 10.

To prepare for the upgrade of Windows 11, you may need to download a professional driver update tool, like Driver Talent, to check the drivers on your computer, and update drivers for smooth operation of Windows 11 once it is released by Microsoft.

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