Fix Network Problem after Windows 10 Update in December 2017

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Newly annoying issues crop up every day after the Windows 10 update from the end of November to early December of 2017. Now Windows 10 has become well known for the network problems that it has brought to computers upon them updating to the latest OS build 16299.98 of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update v1709.

"Every time I start my computer I do not have an internet connection. Just install the December 2017 Windows 10 update.""I just recently allowed the latest Windows 10 update to install on my computer, and I am now unable to access any function of the internet.""I never had any problems with my network until the Windows 10 update today, December 4, 2017.""Since the November 2017 update, my laptop will not connect to the Internet unless I unplug and re-plug in the Ethernet cable."

Network problems, like no WiFi available issue, slow Internet problem, no web page access bug, etc. are the most irritating headaches after the December Windows 10 update. If you are bothered with Internet problems, you can follow the solutions below to fix the network problems:

Top 4 Ways to Fix Network Problems after the Latest Windows 10 Update

In this Windows 10 guide, we'll walk you through top 4 ways to fix the Internet problem after Patch Tuesday.

Way 1. Update Network Drivers to Fix the No Internet on Windows 10 OS Build 16299.98

Network problem often happens after the latest updates because the network driver updates fail to be installed. This will stop the communication between the network card and the OS.

In this case, you need to install the network driver updates to keep your computer up-to-date.

You can manually download and install the network driver updates through the official sites to troubleshoot the network connection problem. But if you prefer an efficient solution, you can use Driver Talent, the Windows driver download and update utility that offers the WHQL and official drivers.

Note: Since there is no Internet connection now, you can use a USB drive to transfer Driver Talent or Driver Talent for Network Card to your computer and fix the network problem.

The driver update tool is available via the button below:

Download Now

Step 1. Launch the utility and click the Scan button to start a driver problems scanning.

Step 2. Click the Update or Repair button to download and install the best-matched network driver updates.


Step 3. Perform a restart of the PC to make the newly installed drivers take effect.

Note: It is better to create a system restore point and backup the drivers before any changes so that you can quickly restore the system and the drivers once the computer runs into other system issues.

Way 2. Modify Internet Settings to Get Rid of No Network Issue

If the network icon in the notification area shows Internet connection but no web page is available, the culprit may be the incorrect Internet settings of the browser. You can change the settings to solve the network problem:

Step 1. Use Windows shortcut keysWin + R to open Run.

Step 2. Enter inetcpl.cpl into the box and click the OK to open Internet Properties.


Step 3. Go to the Connections tab and click the Settings button.

Step 4. In the pop-up box, uncheck Use a proxy server for this connection option under the Proxy Server.


Step 5. Click the OK button and then the OK button on Internet Properties box.

Restart the browser to see if the no network problem has been killed and if you can surf the Internet this time.

Way 3. Back to the Previous Windows 10 OS Build or Uninstall the Updates You’ve Installed

If you still keep the Windows.old file on C: drive, then you can roll the current OS (16299.98) back to the last Windows 10 OS build whose network state is stable, say 16299.64.


Step 1. Open Settings on Windows 10. Go to the Update & security menu.


Step 2. On the left pane, select the Recovery tab.

Step 3. On the right side, click the Get started button under the Go back to the previous version of Windows 10.


Then follow the on-screen instructions to finish the system recovery.

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If the Windows.old file is not available on your computer, you can remove the updates you’ve installed to troubleshoot the Internet problem.

Step 1. Open Settings and go to the Update & security menu.

Step 2. Choose the Windows Update tab and click View installed update history on the right side.


Step 3. Click the Uninstall updates at the top.


Then follow the on-screen instructions to remove the updates that trigger the no Internet problem.

Way 4. Disable Automatic Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 often installs the updates automatically once the download finishes. Then after the computer restart, you will be stuck on various issues, like unidentified network problem, no sound issue, display problems, high CPU usage, etc.

To prevent Windows 10 from installing updates automatically and causing network problems, you can disable the Windows Update services:

Step 1. Use Win + R to launch Run. Type into services.msc and hit the key Enter.


Step 2. Navigate the service Windows Update and double-click it.

Step 3. Select the Disabled from the drop-down menu of Startup. Click the Apply button.


Step 4. Go to the Recovery tab. Select the Take No Action from the drop-down menu of First failure.


Step 5. Click the Apply button and the OK button.

After that, Windows 10 will not download and install the updates automatically. However, if you want to update to the latest Windows 10 OS build, you need to go to the Settings and click the Check for updates button manually. Then you won’t get the irritating network problem due to the update.

Note: It is recommended to roll back to the last Windows 10 version with stable network status and disable the Windows Update service.

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If you still fail to solve the network problem with the methods above, or if you come across other issues after the latest Windows 10 update (Build 16299.98), you can comment below or click the left support menu for more help. You can also go to Windows 10 section on this site for solutions.

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